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Max Torres

Written By: Max Torres
November 23, 2017

Yggdrasil launches sci-fi slot called Reptoid

Reptoids is the newly launched online slot from Yggdrasil Superior Gaming. Betivity firmly believes there are aliens in our galaxy, so we are excited to see this slot reel up and running. Online Casinos working with this software company will be able to provide this experience starting this week of November 2017.

Reptoids is an HTML game that works for both mobile and desktop. Therefore phones, tablets, laptops and home computers can access this extraterrestrial slot game. The browsers supporting this game are Chrome, Firefox, and Explorer. There is also the social feature of Yggdrasil called BRAG, where casino players get to watch replays of their spins and share with their friends or other viewers. BRAG is an innovative feature that aligns itself with Twitch, Youtube, and other similar gameplay products.

Yggdrasil is releasing Reptoids on Thanksgiving Day

The trailer (which we will show you down below) makes us feel like there are aliens among us that put our future in danger. Government conspiracies and confidential information have a steady hand in the video as it looks like even the president is an actual Reptoid.

During gameplay, Yggdrasil developed a Repto Detector tool that helps scan paying symbols into more wild ones, making this a winning situation for players. There are free spins to be collected as well as multiplier symbols to enhance winnings. The Reptoids game is available in at least 26 different languages and is under the video slot category. There are 20 lines to be played and the maximum amount to be won is 500,000 of the selected currency. Yggdrasil Superior Gaming licenses its games under the Malta Jurisdiction. Will you be able to uncover the real aliens around us? There is only one way to find out.

For more on Yggdrasil, read their full review here. We will happily continue to share any news or updates we have from them in the future. Enjoy the video trailer of Reptoids!