Irina Petran

Written By: Irina Petran
March 6, 2018

What is ShadowBet Casino doing for the International Women’s Day?

ShadowBet Casino celebrates the International Women's Day

Where would we be without the female genre? Probably nowhere! The International Women’s Day is the perfect opportunity to tell all the women important in our lives just how vital they are. ShadowBet Casino knows precisely what we are talking about, which is why they have decided to reward a few of their female players with a Spa treatment and some jewellery. Let’s reveal the specifics regarding this awesome and unique offering by ShadowBet.

Starting on the 6th of March and ending on the 8th, ShadowBet launches the Internation Women’s Day promotion. There are a couple of conditions you should know before getting started. Starting with the fact that this is a raffle promotion, meaning you need to wager €20 to acquire one ticket. As long as you keep depositing and wagering, you’ll be able to collect as many raffle tickets as you like. There are a total of 26 prizes given out, one winning woman receives a Spa treatment, and another 25 female players win a bracelet. ShadowBet Casino announces the winners on March 9th, 2018. The casino proceeds in contacting the players and they have seven days to reply or the prize is forfeited. If there is any taxation associated with the reward, the winners are responsible for that cost.

ShadowBet Casino is rewarding 26 women with Spa treatments and Bracelets

The United Nations recognized and adopted the International Women’s Day in 1975. Although they made it international, there is much history about this day dating back to the beginning of the 1900s. It’s divided across the globe if it is considered an official holiday, just a holiday for women or a non-official holiday. It’s a beautiful day to celebrate all the women of the world and congratulations to ShadowBet Casino for creating the promotion. Therefore, make sure you give a little surprise of your own to the women in your life.

ShadowBet Casino is a fun brand with mystery peppered all over the concept. The UK Gambling Commission and the MGA regulate ShadowBet, meaning this is a UK online casino as well as a provider for various other countries. They have a particular feature called the Ouroboros wheel which is like spinning a wheel that rewards you. Also, just like we mentioned in a previous article, they are also adding eight new slot games this week.