Written By: Cecilia Hopper
January 6, 2018

Update on Dutch Online Casinos in the Netherlands


Betivity knows there are questions about the legality of online gambling with the Netherland government. Players, as well as Dutch online casinos, are full of questions regarding the situation. Therefore, we have taken notice of this and would like to see if we can try an explain this better for you. We’ll cover the Online Gambling with the Dutch Gaming Authority known as the KSA, the Senate’s function and what obstacles are in the way. If you have any inquiries after reading this, please contact us so we can help.

Not so long ago, the government made some changes regarding online gambling in the country. Then, months later, more changes came along that delayed the initial efforts to find a solution to regulated gambling.

The current status is that the State Secretary needs to write a response to the Bill created for casino games. So at the moment, the new laws are missing further analysis and answers regarding editing the current bill or not. After this, it will go through some more stages before the proposal is accepted and passed by the Dutch Senate. What we get from this is that it’s going to be a while before something substantial happens. It is a matter of what priority this situation is given by the government to find a solution for online gambling. Many states are not up to date with online gaming or even internet business concepts so to change what was done decades ago will be difficult.

Dutch Online Casinos are working with the KSA to find a positive solution

We have another situation that might prolong the answer to dutch online gambling position. Once everything is set and cleared, there will be a timelapse where online casinos will need to get in contact with the government to apply to get a license. The Dutch Gamgling Authority will then take these applications and enter a “requirement” phase with the casino so they can successfully have a permit. This can take a while, probably months, so this further adds to the timetable of stages that we need to wait before playing normally with those games of chance. There have already been some applicants, but with the current setback, they might have to start over.

Even though the Dutch government is unique in the world with their permission of various lifestyles and other aspects. It does not mean they are liberal with absolutely everything. The Netherlands does not want this situation to get out of control. They look to not incite any type of gambling with minors or even gambling addictions. They know that if online casinos offer their games to their population, the risk will increase with those matters. This is something the KSA needs to focus on as it looks to protect and inform the consumers. They must also prevent illegal or criminal activities associated with gambling and to avoid addiction.

We will happily keep you updated on whats happening in that country. Remember that this revolves around casino games, so anything related to this must have the permissions to do so. Therefore, this includes online casinos, software providers, and payment services as iDeal for example.