Irina Petran

Written By: Irina Petran
March 10, 2018

A UK online casino player wins big at Casumo

Casumo Casino had a jackpot winner

We have some great news, especially for one special person who won a big-time jackpot! The brand involved with the prize is Casumo, which is a UK online casino. Its the third time this year that a player has won a jackpot playing at this online casino, which makes it rare to occur so quickly. Usually, there is a broader time frame between these occurrences. We wonder if there will be a fourth jackpot in the short term. Let’s share some details about the winner and talk about their St. Patrick’s Day promotion as well.

Casumo player hits the jackpot by playing Mega Fortune Dreams by Netent

Specifically, the player is from England and was playing the online slot game called Mega Fortune Dreams. He was on his mobile device at the time and was glad to see he won a total of £85,931. Casumo mentions that after speaking to the winning player, the plan was to take a trip to the Carribean for some relaxation. However, we think there won’t be much relaxation until he defines what to do with the hefty sum.

Mega Fortune Dreams is an online jackpot game created by Netent. The only way to win here is by entering the Bonus game inside the actual slot. The Bonus game basically looks like a wheel of fortune, and you have to be extremely lucky to win. The accumulated jackpot amount determines the amount you earn. Since this UK casino player from Casumo just won, the jackpot starts back at zero.

Casumo launches the St. Patrick’s Day Cash Drop

The other bit of news by Casumo is the 10K raffle dedicated to St. Patty’s. The promo consists of wagering £20 or more in Rainbow Riches Fortune Favours before the 18th of March, 2018. One the minimum wager is played, you are automatically participating for a chance to win some money. The first selection of the raffle receives £5,000, second selection £2,500, third place takes home £1,000, fourth gets £700, Fifth receives £300 and 6-10th wins £100. If you win, Casumo should contact you by email, so be alert to your Mail!

We love that more and more players are winning jackpots. The winner mentioned how nice it was that Casumo didn’t give any hassles towards withdrawing the significant amount. He said they were actually very quick and much smoother than expected. This type of news should incentivize more online gambling aficionados to play here. If there are any questions regarding the jackpot or the raffle, please let us know!