Max Torres

Written By: Max Torres
December 20, 2017

Top 5 Things you Need to Know about AfriCasino

We have a special treat for all players looking for specific characteristics from an online casino. In this case, there are a couple of critical things we feel you should know before you check AfriCasino out. This brand targets a particular market and provides top of the line softwares and games for their players. Let’s begin with the five most crucial things you should know before you start playing at this online casino.

1. AfriCasino is considered to be a South African Online Casino.

Just by reading the name of this casino you can get the general idea of what continent they are focusing on. If we want to target the actual country we are going to pin this down as an SA online casino. Why? Well because they have structured the casino to provide South African players with commodities to start playing.

2. They are one of the few casinos to offer South African Rands as a currency.

One of the commodities we mentioned previously is the currency. South African Rands are not common on many online casinos, so having this definitely pulls that market to them. The code for the Rand is the ZAR, and you will be able to find most bonuses in that currency. For example, the welcome bonus is a 300% reload up to R6000, which is the equivalent to around 475 US dollars or 400 euros.

3. The brand has a great VIP Program for their players.

The loyalty program consists of 4 different tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum). Any time you move from one category over to the other one, you will receive an enrollment gift. Also, the top two levels have an increased monthly cashback which starts out at 5%. The more you wager, the more points you gather. It’s very straightforward and easy to understand. If you really like taking loyalty programs seriously, you should be able to get a bang for your buck.

4. AfriCasino has Afrikaans as a language.

Afrikaans is one of many dialects spoken in the country of South Africa. Namibia also uses this language but its one of the official languages in SA. The idiom is the third most spoken language in the country, with about 7 million native speakers. This population is a substantial amount of potential casino players that will be happy to play with Afrikaans. For all we know, this is the only online casino providing this language. You can also find French as a language here.

5. AfriCasino accepts Bitcoin as a form of currency!

Great news here, more and more casinos are jumping into accepting bitcoins. AfriCasino is not the exception. If you are a cryptocurrency owner and would like to increase your Bitcoin wallet, you can do so here. When you go to deposit you should see the option to do this with btc, they’ll create a wallet for you, and you can fund it whenever you want.

So here were the top things you needed to know before getting started. Remember, it is an SA online casino offering Rand (ZAR) and Afrikaans. They have an excellent VIP program and accept Bitcoins while playing their online slots or live dealer games. Here is the full review of this online casino, good luck!