Terms and Conditions

This section is designated to notify our readers of the specifications of our terms and conditions. We hope this is clear and easy to understand, if you have any question at all please feel free to contact. The purpose of these terms and conditions are to adequately state what we aim to achieve and under what regulations we will do so.

The first thing we want to state is that we do not represent any brand mentioned in Betivity. Our sole purpose is to report characteristics and general information regarding each company. We also mention past, current and future promotions, bonuses, or general news for each party. We use a rating system based on our perspective of each a particular category at each online casino. Therefore, it will always be up to the reader to decide if they choose to enter the casino or not.

Every online casino has their own licensing. Betivity will not be held responsible for any situation that may occur due to player acceptance. Each jurisdiction has its own regulations on determining if players are admitted or not. Every future member should contact the online casino and make sure they are available to continue.

Betivity looks to provide terms and conditions for safe hub of online casino information

All articles posted by Betivity are generated by an in-depth investigation of the matter at hand. Betivity aims to provide the community with accurate information regarding everything we talk about. Nonetheless, online casino may change information from one moment to the next, and we will not be held accountable for those changes.

For the community who shares their opinion about a specific online casino. We ask you to be polite and refrain from any use of disrespectful vocabulary. Furthermore, if there is any abuse in the commenting section, we have full rights to abstain the user from further participating with Betivity and the community.

If a user has a particular issue with a casino, Betivity will do its best to take a mediator role. The objective is to look for a fair solution. Betivity will only participate as a neutral party and will not lean towards any particular side. Therefore, count on us to give you unbiased information moving forward.

Finally, as Betivity grows, we will continually update our terms and conditions. Our goal is to make this a safe and entertaining community of players who look for the best option for spending their time. We hope you enjoy our articles as we have written them with great dedication. Also, feel free to contact us regarding any issue you may have. If you would like to contact us please go to the contact us page.