Max Torres

Written By: Max Torres
December 7, 2017

The Spanish language is now being added to Cashmio Casino!

We have received word that an established online casino is now adding Spanish as one of their available languages. We are talking about Cashmio who currently has English, Norwegian, Swedish, German and Finnish. This new addition will make a total of 6 languages for players to enjoy. Evidently, by adding this new feature, Cashmio now ventures into new markets in search of more players.

The move is not a bad one at all for this online casino, which was created back in 2016. Since their goal is to be known as the happiest casino online, then we’ll see what the Latin American audience thinks about them. I mention this market because Spain is still a restricted country for this online brand. However, Mexico and the rest of central and South America will have access to Cashmio. So if you are a Spanish reader and need a bit of translation then let me tell you this “Usted ahora puede jugar en este casino en linea, mucha suerte!”.

Cashmio know has six languages to offer their players

Cashmio is a casino that initially focused on Scandinavia and the United Kingdom. The decision behind this new addition is the fact that they are looking to expand and grow as a company. We are supportive of this move as there should be good online casinos out there for everybody. This casino is well connected with their live dealer casino games as well as online slots. There are also multiple currencies for different countries, which makes us wonder if there will be a new coin addition accompanied tot he new language. Latam usually has a hard time on credit cards so it will be interesting to see the final results. Nonetheless, we are sure there will be free spins given away as part of the welcome bonus for them.

Please visit our full review for Cashmio. This move helps find out all the offers here including promotions and bonuses. Good luck at the tables and if you need to ask us anything, please let us know!