Written By: Cecilia Hopper
February 8, 2018

Shadow Bet initiates the Casino Olympics event

February 2018 is the month where the Casino Olympics initiate in the gambling industry. But who is accountable for the event? It is the well known Shadow Bet Casino. The event consists of different competitions related to wagers, spins, and winnings, so it is sure to be exciting for the players involved. Shadow Bet inaugurates the Casino Olympics on February 9th and concludes on February 24th, 2018. Let’s talk more about the details regarding the fun activity.

Each day, Shadow Bet will feature a different daily event that rewards the top 10 casino players. The winners are based on different parameters depending on what the event is. The Olympic disciplines are “Most Wagered“, “Most Spins“, “Most Winnings” and “Biggest Win“. These events all revolve around online slot games and Shadow Bet changes the selected casino game each day. The top-ranked players at each competition receive extra spins to play on a selected slot. For example, the day that consists in “Most Winnings” will only credit the spins that generated a win. All losses are disregarded and not counted towards the ranking. Whoever had the most winning on the particular game will take home the first spot and get the most extra spins.

Unique Bonuses and Promotions represent Shadow Bet Casino and their team

As we have been informed, the daily games will rotate from those four categories previously mentioned. The Casino Olympics are an original take that looks to engage players in a fun activity. In our perspective, we would have added a country category. For example, all UK casino players in ShadowBet compete against all Swedish, Norwegian or anywhere else type of players. The country who takes home the gold will all receive X amount of extra spins (only players who participated). There are a few details to pan out, but that could be interesting. Maybe an online casino should hire us to come up with their promotions? Therefore, we should send our curriculum their way?

Remember, the Casino Olympics from Shadow Bet start tomorrow on Saturday, February 9th, 2018. To verify the online slot each day, just log into your account. If you are playing the “Biggest Win”, maybe you won’t have to bet much, you just need to get lucky and get a good result. Each event has a different strategy so good luck with that and may you be the big winner at Shadow Bet Casino! In conclusion, if you have any questions, don’t think twice about contacting Betivity.