Irina Petran

Written By: Irina Petran
October 19, 2017

Royal Panda has a Planet of the Apes promotion

Betivity has the latest on Royal Panda’s online slot promotion for Planet of the Apes. The bonus will only apply to this slot game and they are giving away a total of 75 spins. This will be available on the 23rd, 24th, and 25th of October, 2017. Players can opt to receive up to 75 Royal Spins or 75 usual spins. The Planet of the Apes slot game will be officially launching on the 23rd of October, so this promotion is like an inauguration party for them.

The way you are able to acquire these extra spins is by making a deposit per day of a minimum amount. If you would like to opt in for 25 Royal Spins per day, you must at least deposit 250 euros each day to do so. If you would like to receive 25 standard free spins per day, then you must only deposit more than 25 euros on either one of those three days.

You may be asking yourself what the difference is between Royal Spins and regular spins. Well, free spins have a the lower value, as it represents the smallest amount of bet for each game. The lowest value depends on which game you choose, every slot game has different lines or coin values. Royal Spins, on the other hand, have a higher value, which for example can be €2, depending on the game. So obviously it is more valuable to play with Royal Spins, but it is more expensive to acquire them.

On top of these spins, you can receive, there is also an online tournament happening during those games. The more you play Planet of the Apes from October 23rd – 25th, you’ll accumulate points to rank in the competition. There will be rewards for the top 10 positions, with a total of 1.5K in prize giveaways. Betivity thinks that Royal Panda couldn’t launch a new slot game in a better way. Good luck to all players and may you enjoy Planet of the Apes!