Max Torres

Written By: Max Torres
February 7, 2018

Royal Panda is now a Japanese Online Casino!

The trend continues! Betivity has learned that once again we have another Japanese online casino in the mix. Royal Panda is taking the leap by adding a new currency and integrating their whole platform into Japanese. This bit of news will help them broaden their reach across the globe, one market at a time. We also have some additional content featuring the Royal Panda Casino that we thought we should share. But first, let’s tackle the main story.

Royal Panda now provides Yen, which is the Japanese currency. This facilitates the process when it comes to deposits and withdrawals since local players won’t have to exchange to other traditional coins. We hear that Ecopayz is an easy way for Japanese casino players to transfer their funds. Another positive feature is that customer service is now localized to Japan. Therefore, chat agents will have actual conversations from players of this country, no translator tool needed. Even though translators are very effective, sometimes its easy to miss out on certain “sayings” or language “lingo”. All in all, this is a bold move by Royal Panda. The Japanese market has become popular over the past few months as player value is high. We can say this is a smart move by them as they aim to increase their player base.

Royal Panda is happy to become the new Japanese Online Casino on the block!

In other news, we heard that Royal Panda made a donation to cancer research on February 4th, 2018. A portion of their total deposits went towards a foundation dedicated to this dreaded disease. This is exceptional from this online casino and we congratulate them for the initiative. Hopefully, we will see other online gambling sites pursue a similar strategy. We all know or have lost someone due to cancer, so the more research the better. All I can say is… screw cancer up the buttocks!

We wish the best to Royal Panda in this next vertical of their brand. If you speak Japanese or are interested in learning the language, head over to their site and open an account. If you need help or would like an exclusive bonus with them, contact us and we will set it up.