In the following segment, Betivity will talk about different areas concerning our website and privacy settings. Privacy is an extremely critical topic for us as we take personal information very seriously. After reading our terms, if you feel the need to get in contact with us, we would love to hear from you. Please send us an email or go straight to our contact page.


What does Betivity do with the information gathered?

Betivity would like to state the purposes of the information gathered from potential users when forming part of this community. There is, in fact, a process where Betivity acquires information from users but will only be used internally to verify name, age, and email. As you know, there are strict laws against minors and online casinos, so this is a way to confirm eligibility to receive past, present and future industry information. In conclusion to this point is that Betivity uses the information solely to communicate with you and to verify that the user is over the permitted age. We do not sell or trade any type of personal information about our database.

Any user that forms part of our community will have access to see what information is stored about them. With the possibility to edit specific information regarding their account. Avatars will be a feature that will give users the liberty of expression. If there is anything additional that a member might need, it will be upon request on our contact page.


Will Betivity members receive any news and information?

As mentioned before, users will receive information regarding live dealer casinos, bitcoin casinos, mobile casinos, regular online brands and many other relatable topics. News will only be sent after the user has accepted to receive it. There will be no further use for the personal data provided by the new member.

The content will be spread out via the website, email campaigns and a future forum. Users will have the ability to opt out of receiving emails by pressing the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of each email. Forums will only release information for members who choose to participate. In addition, we will feature a heavy anti-spam policy to all of our verticals.

How does Betivity use the website cookies?

The cookies used on our website will only be used to give easy access to members into their accounts. There will also be a related use for cookies to help us analyze traffic information on Betivity. Cookies will help us determine effective or not useful aspects on our different pages to be able to optimise ourselves. At any point, you will have access to deleting cookies based on the browser you are using. All you require to do is follow the instructions that your current browser provides for you.

How does Betivity keep your information safe? by default uses a secure SSL certificate to ensure that user data is private. All information gathered on is not sold to third parties.

How will Betivity’s complaint system work?

In the future, Betivity will provide a complaint system that will give players the opportunity to share their personal experiences about a specific casino, especially if they feel they were mistreated. This new feature will engage in the Player-Betivity-Casino relationships that will protect the person’s identity with the username they had initially created. This will be done to protect sensitive data that the member will not wish to share publicly. Once Betivity has contacted the casino in search of a solution to the complaint, there will be engagement in verification of the user’s casino account where the adverse claim was made.


How will Betivity handle minors in our community?

As online casino activity is strictly forbidden across the different jurisdictions. We will make sure that new members verify their age so we can allow them to continue with the process. The goal of Betivity is to recommend different online casinos depending on various factors about the customer’s needs. We in no way own or participate in the operation of third-party casinos. As we do not partake to any in-depth KYC documentation, we shall not be liable for any misinformation given to us when creating an account. In Betivity there are no financial transactions between members and our administration.

If you would like to speak with us you can find us on our Contact Us page.