Max Torres

Written By: Max Torres
January 2, 2018

Playing at an online casino during different times of the day


We love to talk about things we think are unique in the industry. The other day we were wondering if there is a better time of the day to sit down and play at an online casino. We couldn’t really come up with an hour where it’s better than the rest to play online casino games, but we did find strengths and weaknesses in each one. These ideas are all very subjective to each person as every one of us is a world in our own. We all go through situations in our day to day that make one hour easier to play than another one.

Various factors come into play for each person. For example, does the gambler like to play live dealer games or online slots? We know you can get in much more games playing slots than playing at a live table. Live dealer tables take longer since there aren’t Random generated games like slots. Humans usually take longer to get everything ready than computers or machines. But let’s dig into this a bit more, we’ll separate them into three categories: Morning, Afternoon and Night.


Playing at an online casino during the Morning

We’ll say that the morning schedule constitutes from 6:00 am until 12:00 noon. Everything before 6 AM will be considered to be Nighttime. This is not the most popular time to play, but there are players who much rather prefer to use this time at their favourite casino than later in the day.

Morning Pros

  • Players might have a clearer head when they wake up, helping them to make better decisions.
  • Their agenda might be tighter, so they are only online for a specific amount of time, making better use of their energy and funds.
  • There are fewer people at the live tables, making it easier to find a seat and start playing.
  • It’s an excellent moment to claim daily bonuses, making you first to the pecking order.

Morning Cons

  • There may be more interruptions in the AM. Businesses are opening up, and people traditionally work during this period.
  • There may be less personnel available in case you need to contact cashier or support. In the casino business, they usually have more staff available during later hours to support their more extensive activity.

Playing at an online casino during the Afternoon hours

The second part of the day will last from 12:00 noon up until 7:00 p.m. We know the sun goes down at different hours of the day depending on where you are from. Scandinavian countries have much less sunlight during the winter season and much more rays of sun during Summer. Latin American countries usually are more stabilized year round. So we will average it out and say 7:00 is the time when the moon comes knocking.

Afternoon Pros

  • The majority of your work day is over and you have more time to relax and play a few online games.
  • There might be a sports match coming up in a few hours and its the perfect time to look at the lines and place your bets.
  • Most businesses are shutting down, so there are fewer interruptions.
  • It is an excellent opportunity to stay in the office and wait for the rush hour to calm down before heading home.

Afternoon Cons

  • The work day is still not over and you might have a few people still bothering you.
  • You might have to wait for a tad for support to contact you back since there might be several emails in front of yours.
  • Hopefully, you are not playing from your mobile at the corner pub during happy hour; the alcohol might mess up your streak.

Playing at an online casino during the Night hours

The moon is out and your inner night beast has awoken! I’m just kidding, but hey, it might be true for some of us right? This span of hours is the most active for online casinos. This is the time when people are in their homes and have a bit more time to relax and look for entertainment. The hours we are placing in the night slot are 7:00 pm until 6:00 am.

Night Pros

  • You get to sit down, relax, kick off your shoes and log into your computer or mobile.
  • There are rarely interruptions by outsiders, it’s your time for yourself.
  • There is much more movement at the casinos; you’ll be able to chat with more people at the chat feature at the live dealer tables.

Night Cons

  • You might come back from a party or dinner and might be a bit tipsy. Hopefully, you don’t log into your account and start making bad decisions.
  • You might be more susceptible to log in and play if you have gambling issues and are by yourself. Might be harder to find help late at night. If you have had a gambling addiction, we recommend setting limits with your favourite casino so they won’t allow you to bet more than you want.
  • You might stay up late at night playing casino games and go to bed exhausted. This can affect your performance the following day.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, some positives and negatives from playing at online casinos during the day or night. We might have missed a few points so we would love to hear from you. We know every person is different so what might be positive for one person will be negative for another. Send us your thoughts through our contact page, and we will update this article with your new ideas. Thank you, and we hope you enjoyed this bit of content. Here is the full list of our online casinos so you can learn more about them.