Written By: Max Torres
March 8, 2018

Are most online casinos based in Malta?

Today, we tackle a question you must ask yourself from time to time. If you are an online casino fanatic, you probably noticed that the Malta Gaming Authority regulates most online casinos. So, does this mean that all online casinos in Malta is actually true? Betivity would like to set the record straight about where these internet or virtual casinos base themselves around the globe.

It is true that to operate online gambling activities within most countries in Europe; they’ll need a license. Many country jurisdictions provide regulations for online casinos additional to Malta’s. However, the MGA seems to be the most accessible and covers the most regions, making them extremely popular. So, we can understand how this can make you think that online casinos are in Malta. But, we need to contemplate that services on the internet don’t necessarily need to base themselves where they pay taxes. For example, an online casino’s offices can be found in Sweden, but they still provide a regulation from Malta.

Online Casino in Malta are common, but so are they in other countries

Now, don’t get me wrong, there is a significant number of online casinos in Malta. However, it is not mandatory for them to operate within the country to be able to provide their services worldwide. I would think the MGA prefers the operations to be set up within their country, giving them more opportunities to control whats going on. But, as long as online casinos comply with the conditions they signed up for, there shouldn’t be an issue.

To conclude the question about online casinos in Malta, not all brands install themselves there. With such an extensive offering of virtual gambling sites across the world, there is a lot of everything going around. Tons of companies set up in Malta, but another significant portion sets up elsewhere while operating as an MGA casino. We hope we have given you better insight as to how operations work in the gambling industry. We know this is just a small portion, so we’ll make sure to keep giving you information.