Max Torres

Written By: Max Torres
February 15, 2018

Are Online Casino Bonuses tricking you?

We’ve all been here before, opening up an account at an online casino and being welcomed by an attractive bonus. Everything looks very enticing, and we are ready to make a deposit and get those extra funds so we can make some big money right? But, as with everything, do we read between the fine lines of any offers? Usually not, and once we are in the lion’s den, its tough to get out in one whole piece. So, we want to debate the pros and cons of receiving online casino bonuses across the industry. This is our take on the matter, and we hope we can give you a different perspective on casino bonuses.

What do Online Casino Bonuses look like?

These casino offers come in all shapes and sizes. We can find redeposit bonuses, cashbacks, extra spins, or even a no deposit bonus where they just give you “free money” to play. All these types sound amazing; however, they all come with a set of rules that protect themselves from fraud but also tie in the player to the casino.

A redeposit bonus is also known as a reload, match or sign up bonus. They require the player to make an initial deposit and then get an extra push, usually a 100% of the amount of the deposit. Cashbacks focus on a return of any monetary losses you might have had during gameplay. Extra Spins are meant for players to try out the casino’s online slots with or without making a real cash deposit.

Different online casinos provide different bonuses. In a way, that is part of what makes casinos unique from one another. But they all hold similarities in this category, they all present bonus conditions that must be followed by the players in order to continue playing. The infamous wagering requirements and other rules find themselves across the terms and conditions, which is something all players need to know about.

What are these bonus terms and conditions?

Online gambling usually have similar terms and conditions when it comes to bonuses. We compiled a small list of common conditions you’ll find at online casinos.

Wagering requirements: these are attached to all bonuses and mean that the amount gifted needs to be wagered a set amount before the winnings can convert to real money. An example, you deposit €/£/$100 of your real money and receive 100% extra. You have a total amount of €/£/$200 with a wagering requirement of 40x. This means you have to wager a total of €/£/$8,000 to release those funds. Likelihoods are you are going to lose the money before reaching that high amount.

Timeframes: if you don’t spend your bonuses in a specified period, the amount is forfeited. For example, if the extra spins you received are not used in 48 hours, they are cancelled out and no longer available. This puts the player under pressure to use up the bonus quickly, generally pushing them into making mistakes.

Game Restrictions: you can play at any casino game you like; however, not all games count towards diminishing the wagering requirements. For example, live dealer games don’t count towards wagering requirements since there is more ability involved and high betting limits. This would mean players can reach those wagering requirements quicker and withdraw their money. Online slots aren’t restricted, and casinos try to push you to play these games because of the lower betting limit. Also, online slots have a degree of difficulty of winning big.

Maximum Winnings: players can receive whatever bonus, but casinos will sometimes create a max limit of what you can win. Imagine they might give you 100 additional spins for an online casino. Regardless of the outcome, the max amount you can earn is €/£/$50. This, combined with all the other terms and conditions, make it a destined route to losing it all.

What are Betivity’s thoughts on these online casino bonuses?

The terms and conditions are the only way for a casino to legally protect themselves in case of an isolated situation with a player or entity. So, as could be imagined, it is an extensive page of content going over every possible scenario.

We would say terms and conditions go both ways, which is why we feel divided here. A casino wants to give players attractive bonuses, so the player feels like they have an advantage thus enjoying their gameplay. If they enjoy their time playing at the casino, odds are they’ll come back and play more. The bread and butter of every company is not the number of players they bring in, but the amount of returning players that come back. The goal is to build loyalty by keeping players happy, part of this is by giving them attractive bonuses.

The negative side of things is that we sometimes feel that bonuses trick players into receiving something that’s not quite as it seems. Once you receive extra funds or spins, you know have to go through a set of conditions to ever make a deposit. Not to mention the tiresome procedure of sending in your personal documents for KYC. Have you ever heard the saying ” All that glitters is not gold”? Well, we think this applies perfectly to online casino bonuses.

Our Final Thoughts

Betivity is not going to say to stay away from online casino bonuses. We just want to suggest that before you ever take the plunge, read up on their bonus conditions. It all depends on what your goals are and what you want to take away from the casino you visit. If you desire to be a big winner, Betivity suggests staying away from bonuses. This because the extra money won’t help you but bring you back. If you just want to play and entertain yourself with a small amount, go for it and enjoy the bonus.

Even if you consider yourself a big player and see a high roller bonus. Don’t fall for it since it’ll be a big amount of bonus money but you’ll never reach those wagering conditions. Our goal is always to give you all the information, but at the end of the day, you make your own decisions.