Max Torres

Written By: Max Torres
November 8, 2017

Come see how the new UK offices at Microgaming look like!

We all know Microgaming is one of the top gaming suppliers in the casino industry. But what you didn’t realize was how cool their work offices are! The new building, which opened at the end of July 2017, is located on Circular Road in the Isle of Man. The five-story building took two years of construction and now is considered one of the top workspaces in the UK.

Since Microgaming already launches top-notch casino games, it only makes sense for them to have their offices up to par with their games. This work environment fits all 120 employees working there and provides them with a significant amount of benefits and features. For example, employees get to rest up in the breakout area with table tennis and the roof garden with comfortable resting areas. They also have a gym and library where workers will have a chance to work on their bodies and brains alike.

Microgaming has created the perfect work atmosphere for their employees

The reception area is world class as well as the coffee shop, sky bridge (connecting their two buildings) and the actual working spaces. There is also a wall of legends where Microgaming gets to boast about their award-winning slot games. It is definitely a nice gesture to give those legendary casino games. Remember that Microgaming is one of the oldest casino game software companies in the business.  Meaning they have a massive amount of creations already, which will only increase in time.

We congratulate Microgaming for having such a professional work environment and giving their employees a better quality experience. I am sure the 120 employees will be extra motivated to give a little back to the company. The personnel will surely be creating even better player experiences for the company. Microgaming has one of the most extensive progressive jackpot games in the business. They also provide Sportsbook, live dealers games, and other business softwares and games. Microgaming’s offices are up to par with the likes of Amazon and other big companies. It’s good to see a casino orientated company in those categories! Here is a full review of this software provider, check them out for up to date information.