Raffles and Online Casinos

We all love a good rush of adrenaline while buying the lottery right? The emotions that go through my head when thinking about what to do with the winning prize are can keep me up all night. Online Casinos want to make it as fun as possible for players as well. So, offering raffles or lottery prizes every now and then makes it worthwhile if you participate.

Betivity is going to dive into the ins and outs of the raffle system. Why is it worth it to try your luck for the grand prize. Who knows, you might just win a trip to the Bahamas or the Greek Islands one day.



10,000 euros divided between 3 players

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What are Raffles at an online casino?

Maintaining a happy customer is hard work, but knowing how to achieve it is entirely worth it. This is why online casinos do the impossible to make things possible and among the train of thoughts needed to innovate within the industry. Some brands have implemented raffles as an additional feature to enhance the gaming experience for players online. Everybody likes winning cash prizes and gifts, so when a casino conducts a raffle, that’s exactly what players get.

What types of Raffles can players receive at an online casino?

Examples of raffle prizes are unlimited, yet despite most raffle prizes are extravagant in essence, not all rewards are on the same level of value. Other casino brands may consider lottery activities to simply giveaway free spins to a single player or group of players. This type of prize can only be used within the online casino and specifically on online slot games. No deposit bonuses may also be part of the gimmick; this means the casino credits a certain amount of money into the raffle winner’s player account to use on any casino games of preference.

What prizes or other benefits can players receive from a Raffles?

Smart phones, tablets, motorcycles, cruises, concert tickets or big real money prizes are some of the rewards announced during casino raffle events to name a few. The sky is the limit when it comes to variety, and big casino competitors can get really extravagant in this aspect. I have even heard of an online casino rewarding a player with a free breast implant surgery for the person of their choosing, crazy right? Well, we have to give them props for being unique!

Is there any downside from receiving a prize from a raffle?

In most cases, a raffle award should be absolutely free for a raffle winner to redeem. Nonetheless, some casinos may disclose terms and conditions limiting eligibility to participate to a certain group of players only. Such as players from a particular geographical region. Another example would be to conduct the raffle only among VIP members or by including newcomers only. This being said, it is highly recommended to read all terms and conditions thoroughly about a casino raffle event. It will assure that not only the conditions to participate have been met, but that qualifying as an actual winner will run smoothly for the winning player once it’s time to claim the raffle prize.

Some players have encountered problems such as not being able to redeem the actual raffle prize offered. This could be because the physical item could not be delivered to a particular territory due to third party restrictions. However, casinos tend to have an alternative option at hand for whenever the circumstances require it. Such as sending the cash equivalent of the prize, for example, a flat screen television.

We hope you have learned a little bit about how raffles work at online casinos. If you would like to read about other types of bonuses, click here.

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Christmas Raffle

10,000 euros divided between 3 players

Christmas Raffle is NOT available in the United States
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