Max Torres

Written By: Max Torres
September 28, 2017

Interview with Silenny at Fantasino

Fantasino Interview Series

First off, Betivity would like to give you a warm welcome to one of our first interview series. Fantasino is an up and coming online casino that has quickly established itself as one of the better ones out there. We are excited to meet a representative from there that will help us get to know Fantasino in a more in-depth way. So let’s get started!

We appreciate you taking your time to talk a little bit about yourself and the entertaining new brand called Fantasino.

My first question is, could you tell us your name and your role at Fantasino? Have you had any past experiences working with online casino before?

My name Silenny and I am an Affiliate Account Manager at Fantasino. I’ve had experience with online casinos before as I used to work as a Business Analyst for the past five years in another casino brand.

What would you say the concept is behind Fantasino? Do you know what the story is regarding how Fantasino came to be?

The owners always wanted to create a casino with a theme.  Something that would allow them incredible flexibility in design and creative ideas for the future. After several weeks of brainstorming, they decided to choose the name Fantasino, as a combination of Fantasy and Casino.  This name will allow them to create a broad concept around it: wonderful animated 3D Fantasy characters, an entire Fantasy World to interact, plus all the other ideas that they have in the pipeline.  If they had chosen another “serious” or “simple” name, it would have tied them to that limited idea.

From the very beginning, they wanted total flexibility. They wanted to create a sort of video game inside the website, where players are inside a world, in which they can move and complete missions.  During their journey, they would get rewarded with casino benefits.

I noticed you are offering a trip to Costa Rica for a lucky player. Could you tell us more about this awesome promotion and why did you choose Costa Rica as a destination?

Yes, we wanted to offer to our players something unique as a reward to join and play in our casino. They can choose from different options such as volcanoes, beach, rainforest, waterfalls, rafting, canopy and more! We will provide the winner 4-star or 5- star hotels, depending on the location. It’s really easy to be part of this contest. They will receive one prize draw ticket for every 50EUR deposited (or its equivalent in other currencies) within the promotional period. We decided to offer that package in Costa Rica because it’s one of the most beautiful countries in the world! Also, we are from Costa Rica, so we are proud to show our country to one of our lucky players!

Do you have any particular game that you like the most at Fantasino? Is there any game you feel is a hidden gem that not a lot of players know about?

There is one particular game that I really enjoy playing, it’s our version of a NetEnt Game: FairyTale Legends: Hansel & Gretel. This game is based on the popular story that we all know but with a special Fantasino touch. It’s great!

Any news you would like to share about Fantasino regarding new projects or ideas setting up in 2018?

We are always looking to improve our casino and offer new things, at this moment we are about to launch our new design, and we will look even better than now. Our theme will be the same but better. In October 2017 you’ll be able to see the new design. I’m positive that our players will be happy with this. I can’t discuss a lot about our 2018 plans but I can assure that our brand will be one of the most attractive in the market, even more than what it is right now.


Thank you Silenny for sharing all this valuable information about Fantasino. We are excited to see who wins the trip to Costa Rica, please keep us posted! For everybody reading this, Betivity fully recommends playing at Fantasino. It is a fun and entertaining place to play the best casino games in the industry. Here is the full review about them.