Max Torres

Written By: Max Torres
October 18, 2017

Interview with a representative from Superior Casino

Betivity is happy to interview a US accepting online casino. We are talking about Superior Casino, and we are excited to get to know them a little bit better. As mentioned before, they are an online casino accepting US players but also take many other countries worldwide. Let’s start the interview off.

I see that Superior Casino was founded back in 2006. Can you quickly summarise what developments have been made in the casino from 2006 up until today?

Since 2006, Superior Casino has been releasing new games at an average rate of 1 new game per month. In recent years we included BetSoft 3D games into our software, as well as Vivo Live Dealer. Mobile games have been live on our platform for several years, and new mobile games are also added on a monthly basis. In 2016, Superior Casino reopened its doors to US market.

Could you order the following in order of most important to least important? Great Customer Support – Avid Game Selection – Attractive Promotions – Mobile Friendly Casino

Of course, I would initially say that an avid game selection is vital because you need to give your members multiple choices to take. Attractive Promotions is second because of the importance of mixing it up. Great Customer Service plays a significant part in the quality of an online casino. Lastly, Mobile Friendly ends up being last, still a critical aspect of having, especially in this day and age.

What would you say is Superior Casino’s strongest point to attract new players?

Probably what attracts most players to our casino are attractive spins promotions. They generally are offered at over 200 Spins on a $25 deposit. Because as mentioned in the previous answer, we like to mix it up to keep things moving.

Is there any upcoming news or projects that you would like to share in relation to Superior Casino?

Superior Casino is close to the launch of our new any-way 30× 5-reel Slot called “Dark Hearts”. This will be available on all download forms  Instant Play and on all Mobile platforms! Besides this online slot game, we hope to be adding new features in the short term. We will keep you updated.

The End

Ok, I’m glad you are coming up with new games. I think its great that you try to add at least one new slot game per month. This will keep things exciting and innovative; I’m sure your members are grateful for that. Here is a full review for Superior Casino, you’ll see all their promotions and future plans.