Written By: Irina Petran
October 20, 2017

Interview with representative from BetChain Casino

It’s that time again! Betivity is up to no good with its interview series. This time around we have BetChain Casino taking a few of our questions. This is an online casino accepting Bitcoins as well as more traditional currencies. Let’s get these questions started, shall we?

This is a really great brand, congratulations. Can you tell us a bit about how this casino came to be?

BetChain is the brainchild of Marc Kenigsberg, an iGaming expert and bitcoin enthusiast who understood early on how powerful bitcoin gaming would become, given the advantages of the technology. That is how he decided to set BetChain up in 2013.

Knowing that you focus on bitcoin transactions, can you tell us why bitcoins are so beneficial for players to use?

Bitcoin gaming gives players several benefits:

A) It allows them to deposit and withdraw quicker, without a lot of the glitches that other payment methods have.

B) Players can remain somewhat anonymous when paying with bitcoin. It depends on the kind of license the casino has and its KYC requirements.

C) Bitcoin price increases mean that bitcoin jackpots keep on adding value to the player’s account even after they won.

What are your thoughts on the future of cryptocurrencies? Do you think as time goes by you’ll have more competition with other casinos offering bitcoin transactions?

The Bitcoin and cryptocurrency gaming market are developing at break-neck speeds. Indeed there have been more actors entering the field as time goes by, and more gaming niches are also surging, as more people join the crypto-economy. This will make the competition even fiercer, which is excellent news for the players because they will enjoy greater market benefits. It will also be great for the casinos because they will be focusing more on innovation to get more players on board.

As for cryptocurrencies in general, there is no doubt that the future of many of these assets is bright. Beyond the returns their users get in terms of traditional currency, these assets prove that decentralizing the economy yields unprecedented growth. The impact on future business ventures and on existing economic paradigms goes well beyond that of any other technology since the advent of the internet.

Anything that you would like to add or say to our readers regarding BetChain?

BetChain is one of the most iconic bitcoin and hybrid casinos out there. We were among the first to enter this industry, and we have developed a keen sense for what our players want. Our customer care is unparalleled, our bonuses are incredible, and the variety of our game selection is second to none in the industry.

Excellent answers BetChain! Thank you so much for giving us so all this insight into the world of Bitcoins in online gambling. I have to say this has been one of the richest interviews yet. Check out our full review for BetChain Casino right here.