Written By: Cecilia Hopper
September 16, 2017

Interview with Judy Mitchell at Fairway Casino

Betivity would like to introduce our first ever addition to the Interview Series section. We want to give a warm welcome to Judy from Fairway Casino. Judy Mitchell is currently the promotions manager for this casino and handles everything from promotions, bonuses and loyalty program issues. We have a few simple questions that will help give our readers some insight into Fairway Casino’s mindset when talking about their offerings.


Hi Judy! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on some matters. Our first question is simple, how do you go about creating a new promotion for your player base?

Hi Betivity, it’s my pleasure and I’m glad to answer your questions. Basically, when I’m creating a promotion I try to place myself in a player’s shoes. You have to be able to see things from a different perspective than your own to be able to offer them something attractive. Recently we added some daily bonuses just because we noticed we needed to improve on specific promotions. So we decided to add a particular bonus for Monday, Tuesdays Wednesdays and the rest of week. We had an increase in activity and we were able to get valuable information as to what is more effective in terms of offerings.

How did the name of Fairway Casino come about?

Well, I believe the casino’s theme of golf came about a strategic decision based on acquiring high roller players. Golf is an expensive sport to play, so usually, you see people well off playing. So, the strategy was to attract golfing aficionados to play at Fairway. Also, if you split up Fairway you get Fair – Way, so we also looked to portray that what we offer is done in the fairest way possible. We focus on always being transparent in everything and giving all our players VIP treatment, true to our initial strategy.

What would you say your most popular feature is at Fairway Casino?

I would definitely say it’s our live monthly tournaments. It’s a lively competition that lasts the whole month and it offers great cash prizes. The best thing about this is that the top 25 players are rewarded and the cash prize they receive doesn’t come with any wagering requirements. So, if a player just wants to cash out, the cashier team just sends them their reward to their deposit method of choice. I honestly have not found anything similar in the market, usually, everything comes with restrictions or its just basic free spin rewards.

Have you ever played at an online casino before? If so, which is your favourite game?

I only play at casinos with live dealers. Those are my favorites. Honestly, I’ve played almost all of the live dealer games. My favorite software is Evolution. Their camera feeds are the best. I did create an account once at the sports betting site but was pretty much a one-time thing. I lost my bets so I never even cashed out. When I was younger though, I did go to some land-based casinos and enjoyed playing Blackjack the most. So I would say my favourite game is Blackjack. Roulette is great as well but didn’t spend much time playing it.

What do you think is the main complaint from players in regards to promotions at Fairway Casino?

I think a common complaint is wagering requirement issues. We always try to be as upfront as possible when offering a bonus, just because we don’t want a player telling us he or she had no idea about it after they start winning. Our customer support team is very helpful when explaining how wagering requirements work and teaches them the reasons of why those requirements exist. After talking to a player who complains, they usually are grateful for the explanations and become more understanding. So it’s just a matter of going through the process with them.

Thanks for taking a few questions about your promotions role at Fairway. Anything you would like to leave our readers about Fairway Casino?

Thanks for having me! I would conclude with inviting any interested player over to our casino. I guarantee you’ll enjoy our live dealers and slot games. You can spend time at the tables and can even chat with our dealers as well as other players. It’s a fun studio environment with great customer support. Don’t forget to read up about our live tournaments as well. Thanks!