Written By: Max Torres
February 12, 2018

Interview with Danny from mFortune Casino!

mFortune Interview Series

We have an interview gem for our readers! The UK online casino by the name of mFortune, took the time to give us some insight into their history, in-house slot games and upcoming planes. We loved the answers that Danny(mFortune representative) gave us, everything was very rich with information and easy to understand. Let us get started as we are eager for you to read their answers.

1. Hi mFortune, could you tell me a little bit about how you came up with the unique name?

We could tell you the story of how our founder discovered an ancient tribe with the same name whilst exploring the deepest, darkest regions of the rainforest. Or we could tell you about the time we were abducted by aliens and learned all about the magical word from them.

But really, we should probably tell you the truth that, unfortunately, doesn’t involve long-forgotten tribes or little green men. In reality, mFortune is simply a snappy, catchy abbreviation of “mobile fortune”.

The “m” for mobile, and the “fortune” because our slots games have huge progressive Jackpots!

2. I know that this online casino focuses mainly on the UK market, are there any other markets that mFortune accepts players from?

While our market is predominantly UK players, we don’t want to keep all of our exclusive games for ourselves. This year, we’re focusing on expanding into new markets – both closer to home and further afield – to make our games accessible to as many players as possible. Watch this space!

3. Could you tell me what is your favourite promotion or bonus that you offer and why do you prefer it over the rest?

We’ve just released something really exciting that has transformed our already hugely generous bonuses into something our players are going crazy for! Our Wheel of Fortune offers players the chance to spin and win an exciting bonus which could be anything from extra spins to a 100% deposit match.

We love the Wheel of Fortune because there’s something for everyone and you never know what it’ll land on next! You could get 30 free spins one week or a deposit boost the next. Therefore, it keeps our bonuses fresh and exciting, so it’s clear to see why our players love it so much.

4. What is your favourite online slot game? Is it true that all your games are created in-house?

From the initial idea, through concept and artwork, to development, mathematics, marketing and all the stages in between, we do everything in-house in our amazing West Midlands based studio. It’s this that makes our exclusive slots games so special, and this that means you won’t find them anywhere else.

Every team – from games development to customer support – are all under one roof too, which means we’re best equipped to deliver the best games and playing experiences possible to our players.

As for a favourite game…that’s like asking us to pick a favourite child! We’ll admit we have a soft spot for Cat & Mouse mobile slots which was one of our first ever slots games and is regularly voted a fan favourite. More recently, we love getting cashed away with Robinson Riches, and Reel Fruity Slots is a berry good game too!

5. Any new plans or surprises for 2018? Maybe you can give us a hint?

Now that would be telling! We have SO many exciting things planned for 2018; it’s going to be our biggest and best year yet!
We’ll be releasing more exclusive mobile slots games with a whole host of themes. We can’t reveal too much, but these slots adventures could see you traveling from Las Vegas to Egypt, burning rubber and getting your motor running, and even solving some crimes!

What we can say, you’ll want to make sure you’ve created an account and given us a Like on Facebook. With this,  you’re always the first to know what’s coming up from mFortune!

The End

Thank you mFortune for the valuable information. I had always thought that aliens had created the name of the casino, just kidding! We’ll look forward to checking out the Wheel of Fortune feature as well as the new slot games coming soon. The fact that you keep your products in-house gives you top exclusivity for your casino slot games. That’s a grand strategy to have in our opinion. We leave you with their full review. As mentioned before, they are primarily a UK online casino with plans of accepting players outside this region. Additionally, if you ever have any questions, go ahead and contact us.