Irina Petran

Written By: Irina Petran
December 4, 2017

Interview with Artur from ShadowBet Casino


ShadowBet Casino Interview Series


This week we are happy to talk about ShadowBet a bit more. Artur, the online casino representative will gladly help us out with a few questions. We are going to talk about their unique concept, their gamification strategies and other valuable assets from ShadowBet Casino.

1. I really find the concept of ShadowBet very intriguing, could you tell me more about the idea of the online casino and how you came up with the name ShadowBet?

From the very beginning, the concept for our Casino was to create a place which has some mystery and uniqueness while providing a great user experience and hours of fun to our players. We are always describing our casino as a secret place run by a mysterious bearded guy called Jack Pot. He is our boss so, we wanted the name, to include the atmosphere and feeling we’re trying to create and here comes the first part of it “Shadow”. Second part “Bet” is associated with Sports Betting, which is the next step of our evolution. We are currently working hard to implement everything and to start offering Sports Betting for our clients at the end of 2018.

2. What type of games do you personally enjoy the most? Do you have a favourite online slot? Or maybe a favourite live dealer game?

I’m a big fan of Poker – Texas Holdem, so I mostly enjoy playing card games like Poker and Blackjack. Those games give me much more fun as I feel more engaged comparing to the slots. When it comes to the slot games, my favorite one is the classic slot, which I started my adventure with – Pyramid Quest or Immortality. I also like to play Eggomatic and themed Guns & Roses.

3. Could we dig into ShadowBet’s Ouroboros? What is Ouroboros and how does it work? What benefits do players receive with this?

We have a very new approach to reward our player base. It’s called the Ouroboros game which is an extension of the regular Casino experience. Ouroboros is well known to the players from classic slots. What is important, the game is available for entirely new users, who don’t have to register to play it. Ouroboros is an excellent opportunity to show our players what they can expect. We let them play and win real rewards, omitting necessity to go through the registration process. Compensation can be claimed later – it will be waiting for the user if he decides to register.

Ouroboros is also a part of our gamification. Every time you level-up, you get a free round in Ouroboros, where you can win extra spins, bonuses or other rewards, depending on your level. Ouroboros was designed uniquely for ShadowBet, and it’s the only place you can find it.

4. What do you think is more relevant for a player at ShadowBet, a creative and attractive promotion or really great and responsible customer service?

Actually, it’s both with ShadowBet as we’re not trying to be a usual online casino. When we think about promotion, we try to make it as unique as possible. For example, as the first on the market, we have launched an offer for Ladies only. The mechanism, prizes, and graphics were based on surveys and female expectations. It was restricted to women only, and it’s just one of many promotions we are proud of. What I can tell you is, you can expect more of that coming in the near future.When it comes to the support,

I can assure we’re doing our best to keep our clients satisfied. Our support team is super friendly and we’re doing our best to resolve all issues very fast. We train our team on a consistent basis to keep everybody updated.

5. Are you working on any new plans for this online casino that you would like to share with our readers today? If its top secret then maybe just a little hint?

We are still developing new features and improvements, but to give you a little hint, I can tell, that our players can expect another game similar to Ouroboros coming soon. The game will be even more engaging and give our users more choices to decide how they want to play. Another idea I can share with you is social skills games. This is going to be something new on the market. ShadowBet is working hard to have it ready, but we are now in the first stage of the project.


Really great answers Artur, thank you so much. I think the future plans for ShadowBet are very interesting. Thanks for the valuable insight about the online casino and everything that forms part of it. I also like that you are focusing on some promotions only for women, I am sure they will appreciate that.

Here is the complete review of ShadowBet Casino. We hope you can read up on all our information, regarding promotions, bonuses, and other general information.