Max Torres

Written By: Max Torres
November 27, 2017

Interview with Alex from Cashmio Casino

Let’s get to know Cashmio with this fascinating interview. Alex has gladly taken the time to sit down and answer some questions for Betivity. He is eager to share current and future information regarding this impressive online casino. Cashmio provides an original concept, and we would love to hear more about it. Let’s get started!

1. We think you have a very unique brand, could you tell us how the name “Cashmio” was created?

Cashmio is a mix of words in English and Italian. As you all know, cash is the main topic when you speak about Casinos, and who better to get cash than “me”, that goes for everyone I would guess. “Me” in Italian is spelled mio, so this resulted in Cashmio.

2. What has been Cashmio’s trajectory over the years and where do you see the brand going in the future?

Our goal has always been to be the happiest casino online, and this is of course still our goal. In the future, we´re hoping to grow as a brand of course, and with the intent to provide a happier casino to the players.

3. As a Cashmio representative, could you rate these three features in order of importance? The casino’s theme, the casino’s promotions or the casino’s customer service? We know all are important of course.

Our customer support always comes first, as this is the first and easiest step to bring a smile to everyone stepping into our casino. On a shared second place would the theme and promotions come, as it´s so hard to rate these two, both are as important as the other.

4. What would you say is your favourite live dealer game offered at Cashmio? Or are you more of an online slots guy?

We are getting more live games coming soon! However, right now we only have NetEnt live, which makes this our favorite live dealer. Right now we offer an abundance of slots, from more than 18 providers. So this makes us more of a slot guy for now.

5. Do you have any cool news happening in 2018 with Cashmio that you could share with us?

We´re about to launch two new languages to Cashmio, these are actually being started as we speak, but mainly a soft launch. The heavier launches of these languages are going to be as of next year. So stay tuned to hear more about this. 🙂

Thanks for the answers Alex. I must say I concur on focusing on great customer support as this is the key to keep long lasting players. I am excited about the upcoming addition of more live dealer game softwares as well as new languages. It looks like Cashmio will be going strong in 2018 and beyond. Once again, thanks and will talk to you some other time.

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