Max Torres

Written By: Max Torres
January 18, 2018

Ikibu Casino is taking its Journey to Canada!

We are glad to see an online casino expanding their reach over to new territories. We are talking about Ikibu, and they are now accepting casino players from Canada. This news has been in the works for some time now as this brand let us know a few months ago that they were in the process. We understand that these procedures can sometimes take longer than expected. So, let’s dig into the implications of this power move by this online casino.

Ikibu, as we have mentioned before, is all about gamification. They send you a journey with various quests and objectives. Also, they provide a shop for players to buy different bonuses or free spins. So, their focus is to give the players choices to whatever fits their best interest. There is indeed a bunch of Canadian online casinos, but Ikibu will be a nice addition to the mix. The only downside that we can see is that this online casino doesn’t offer the French language. This means that the parts of Canada (Quebec for example) that are more towards French might be a little thrown off. At the moment, Ikibu provides English, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and German as their primary languages, hopefully, they’ll add another.

Ikibu is ready to be the new Canadian online casino on the block

Additionally, Ikibu is going to launch some exclusive bonuses just for the Canadian market. This means that they’ll get better than average rates or maybe even some no deposit bonuses. We are yet to hear what those exclusives will be but we are sure they’ll be attractive. We recommend opening an account now but hold off before depositing so you can see what the Canadian promotion will be.

Ikibu is a new casino, so we are happy to see them grow exponentially as the months go by. We strongly suggest trying them out and seeing what their concept is all about. We will leave you with the complete review for Ikibu so you can find out more about them. Let yourself enjoy the journey and good luck at the tables!