Max Torres

Written By: Max Torres
December 15, 2017

What are HTML5 Casino Games and why are they popular?

Betivity has long known about the evolution in the gambling industry throughout the years. Online casino games have always had an essential involvement with tools that permit players to play online with ease. This technology has gone way beyond casino experiences and has had a more mainstream effect in gaming. In this article, we’ll talk about why HTML5 has started to take over gambling games. We will also check out why Flash has taken a backseat on the subject.

We heard recently that Netent, a top casino game provider, has migrated a large percentage of their slot and table games over to HTML5. This with the intention of providing a better experience for players, thus satisfying their main clients which are the casino operators. HTML5 is a tool used to structure and present material on the internet. It works mainly with multimedia and graphical purposes, fostering the production of audio, video and animation tools for players. Also, due to increased popularity and easiness to work, they have surpassed the older versions of Abode Flash. Even though there have been significant comparisons between Flash and HTML5, we need to understand that they are different in their own way.

HTML5 is winning the race with online casino games

Abode Flash, on the other hand, has been around for several years and perfect its role as a multimedia software platform. Most online casinos provided games created with the Adobe tool. The platform was the best technology at the time and provided the best experience for online gamblers. As with everything, technology becomes obsolete regularly as more and more advances become necessary in any industry. So, this is a classic case of how HTML5 has surpassed Flash a the leader in online casino products. This news is especially apparent with software providers such as Netent, who release new online slots on a monthly basis.

We can expect more and more casinos to migrate over to HTML5 with their online slot games and table games. Since this new internet technology has been able to provide better animations, sound and video quality, it’s only a matter of time that Flash goes out the door.