Live Chat feature: Benefits for both players and Casinos

Betivity knows that players in this day and age, demand top-notch attention. It has become a standard that online casinos offer this type of service for their players in order to attend any issue immediately. We want to talk about why it is so important for casinos and players alike. Being able to communicate in a much quicker way is essential to any business.

What exactly is a live chat feature and how does it work at online casinos?

The Live Chat feature basically means that when you are playing at an online casino, you’ll see a window where you can get ahold of a casino representative immediately. In the early years, casinos offered customer service via email or by phone. However, ¬†we all know that emails usually take about 2-8 hours to be replied to. So now, if you have any questions about a particular section at the casino, want a bonus, have a complaint, or anything else all you have to do is reach out to an agent.

Do all online casinos provide this service for their players?

Most online casinos do provide this service. A couple of years ago this was not something they had available. Now you will see some type of live chat support at around 80% of casinos.

Some online casino “cheat” a little and have a window where you can leave a message into a ticketing system but there are not actually there, it mainly works as an email service. Other casinos only offer this service on a scheduled basis. Others are live 24 hours a day.

How do players benefit from Live Chat?

Players are the real winners here. You can now ask anything you need at the click of a button, whether it is basic information or trying to acquire a bonus. You won’t have to wait 24 hours to get a response, and you can ask basically anything you want. If you feel lonely as well, just have a chat with them, and I’m sure they’ll cheer you up (I’m joking on this part).

Keep in mind that many online casinos hire a third party service to take care of their support, resulting in sometimes some pretty bad chat agents. What I mean by this is that they weren’t correctly trained and didn’t know some information. I’ve had the opportunity to talk with some pretty great chat agents and some terrible, incompetent ones. It all depends on the casino.

How do online casinos benefit from Live Chat?

Online Casinos also benefit tremendously even if they sometimes cant quantify it in their results. By providing a better service, they increase player satisfaction. They also have new capabilities like going outbound and having a new gateway to contact players, thus increasing engagement.

They can also answer immediate questions and increase chances of a player continuing playing, rather than have the player just leave on his own because he/she couldn’t find the answer.

So its all about giving an excellent customer service. Casinos need to understand that without this their chances of surviving in the wild are slim. It’s a win-win situation for everybody involved.

We hope you have enjoyed this live chat article, for a list of all our online casinos offering this feature, click here.