Creating an Casino Account

Betivity is going to give you the rundown on how to open an account at an online casino. Creating a casino account is super simple and not much is required in order to do so. Most casinos will have you playing their games in less than a couple of minutes. So this is just an introductory guide on the process and the information that will be asked of you when doing so.

How simple is it to create an online casino account?

Incredibly simple! Online Casinos know it is a hassle to ask for a lot of information when you are starting up, so they try and keep it as simple as possible. Here is a quick step by step in order to do so. I am sure you have created an account somewhere online before, this won’t be that much different from that. They do require you to read the terms and conditions and to confirm you are over 18 years old.

First Step: Go to the homepage of any casino you want to check out.

Second Step: Look for the “Sign Up” button and press it, you will be sent to the sign-up page or a pop-up window will show up.

Third Step: Start entering the information they are asking for.

Fourth Step: Once entered the information you will either have immediate access to start playing or will need to verify your casino account via email or SMS. It all depends on the online casino you entered your information.

Fifth Step: Start trying out the games! You don’t need to deposit any real money if you don’t want to, you can play for free (you won’t have access to 100% of their games playing for free).

What type of information is required by the casino when I open an account?

As mentioned before, they don’t want to overwhelm you with requirements, so they keep it simple. A first name, last name, email address, username, password, and birth date. Some casinos require you to confirm where you live and your mobile phone number. Others place a captcha message to avoid any spambots.

After creating an account, what is the next step if I want to deposit real money?

After you create your new account, they will give you the option to deposit real money. You may encounter a page where they start asking for your payment information. If you are interested in jumping right in then all you need to do is fill out the payment information.

They will ask for a bit of sensitive information, so make sure the website is secure. If you need help looking for a deposit/withdrawal method, you can read through our list of payment options.


So that’s it, easy right? After that, you can start playing at the online casino of your choosing. We have a list of brands that we recommend, so make sure you check that page and get all the up to date information regarding them.