Betting Limits in Online Casinos

As a player, you should understand what betting limits are and how they work. The purpose for this is always to be prepared when entering an online casino and not let anything take you by surprise. We also want to explain the reasons why betting limits are placed. Also, how they impact the game for the player and the online casino alike.

Why are betting limits critical for online casinos and their players?

Betting limits (or table limits) are necessary for both players and casinos. Casinos need table limits because they minimise the risk of significant losses. The casino will not be able to be financially stable because of placed bets without limits. The limits ensure their continued existence and profitability. Also, they can prevent advantage players from winning a lot of money, and they restrict betting systems that are not favorable for casinos (like the Martingale system).

Betting limits are also important for players because it restricts the amount of money that they can play and spend. Players with gambling issues will be able to restrict their betting capacity. With this, they can control how much they deposit and not go over board.

How can you put Betting Limits to good use by an online casino?

You want to play some European Roulette at Joreels for example, and you enter the game lobby. You now have to decide which table you’ll join: the low limit, standard limit or high limit table.

The low limit table goes from 1 EUR to 20 EUR. You can only bet a minimum deposit of 1 EUR and a maximum of 25EUR. You check the high limit table and it goes from 25 EUR to 500 EUR. Meaning that the lowest and highest bets are 25 and 500 EUR respectively.

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