Account Verification in Online Casinos

It is essential for players and future players to understand the importance of account verification in online casinos. We’ll go through the most important aspects of this process and explain the reasons why this is even done. Once you have a better idea of how this works, it won’t come as a surprise once an online casino starts requesting personal information. Therefore, the purpose of this guide is to prepare you for what you might encounter as a casino player.

What does KYC mean?

KYC means “Know Your Customer”. It’s the process that casinos (and other business) use to authenticate and verify the identity of its players.

Why do online casinos ask for your documents?

Online casinos request the authentication documents to protect themselves against fraudulent players and to avoid being used for money laundering. To be more exact, online casinos want to avoid any possibilities of chargebacks and identity theft.

This also protects players since it guarantees that the casino is safe, only certified casinos are required to request KYC documents to verify the identity of their players. This shows that the casino is worried about the security of their users and that is serious.

What documentation is asked for by online casinos?

The documents that are requested vary depending on the casino and on the type of deposit method that you have used previously with them. Usually, bank transfers have a higher amount of requested documents since there is a greater chance of fraudulent behavior, while e-wallets and crypto currencies are less dangerous. The following are some of the documents your casino may request:

• A copy of any official ID with a photo (like driver’s license or passport). This confirms your full name and date of birth.

• Copies of the front and back of your credit card/s. Verifies that the card is in your name and that their information is valid.

• Utility bill with your name and corresponding address. This confirms your full name and your current address.

As we said previously, the KYC process is crucial for security reasons. All players have to be identified by the casino sooner or later to make sure that they are providing accurate information. The reason is to confirm they are not using anybody else’s personal information or financial details.

What is an example of a typical scenario of account verification?

You are a new player at Superlines Casino, you make a deposit with your credit card, and you win! Now you want to withdraw your winnings.

You receive an email from the Cashier/Financial department of the casino requesting some authentication documents. They are requiring two picture IDs, one utility bill and the copies of the front/back of the credit card that you used to deposit.

You send the copies of your passport and driver’s license, the front and back of your credit card (with some numbers covered for security reasons) and a phone bill via email to the Cashier team. The team reviews your documents and your account is now authenticated, your withdrawal may now be completed. After the payment is released, it should take a couple of days for your bank to credit your account successfully.

We hope you have found this guide useful. Finally, if you would like to learn about our most popular online casinos, click here.