Live Roulette | Many new variations of live dealer roulette games.

Live Roulette

Which will be your favourite Live Roulette?

Live Roulette was one of the first live casino games. The first known operator to have live dealer roulette was Dr. Ho and These were the fundamental versions that are now the templates of our modern live roulette today. The game of Roulette has been around in its current format for over 200 years. This includes the way in which we play this classic roulette game. From the mid-1990’s, online casinos have given players who would never have dreamt of entering a real land-based casino access to this fascinating table game.

More gamblers have started to enjoy the realism of live roulette from the comfort of home. Here is an interesting fact. When we started promoting live roulette games back then, we promoted the idea that you could play from home in your underwear. Believe or not we thought that would be attractive. I think you will agree that we were wrong.

What is Live Roulette?

A studio designed to look like a real casino broadcasts the games via one-way live streaming video. Trained croupiers host the games, placing chips and spinning the roulette wheel. The players are able to place their bets and watch the action unfold in real-time. Players can also chat with the dealer or other players if they want to, via a text chat function. Customer demand for these games has increased due to the higher quality games offered.

Why Play Live Roulette?

There’s a couple of clear advantages to playing live roulette at the casino tables.

  • The human aspect of seeing the dealers in a video stream. Watching a real person at the game gives you a heightened sense of realism. Online casinos ensure that their dealers are professional, polite, welcoming and invariably attractive men and women who will make players want to come back again and again to their tables.


  • Greater Transparency of the gaming result. Another advantage is the removal of any risk that the games are unfair. Reputable online casinos always use software-based roulette games where the results are determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG) programme which ensures fair play at all times. These games often have their games independently audited to guarantee fairness. Realistically, it is possible for a casino to cheat players, but it is extremely rare. The house has an edge in their favor. They need to make it fair, and they earn revenue.


  • Engagement with real people.  This is also a more social experience, as several players can be at each table. Depending on the game, players can often chat with each other as well as the dealer. Many RNG based software games do not have this feature.  Of course, there’s no obligation to chat with anyone and players who prefer to just concentrate on the game can opt not to join in the conversation. Chatting with players or the dealer is a matter of personal preference.

But for anyone who still likes to see actual gameplay handled by a real person in front of their eyes, live dealer Roulette games are the way to go. You can’t beat a friendly smile and a warm congratulation from a real person and they will still give commiserations if it wasn’t a winning spin for you.

Where To Play Live Roulette with Real Croupiers

There are literally hundreds of online casinos out there, but not all are equal and not all provide live roulette games.

Not all online casinos are licensed. Authorities in a number of countries grant a license to these casino operators. The bottom of the main page shows which jurisdictions the casino has a license to operate. The most common of which are the UK, Maltese (MGA), Alderney, or Curacao license.  It is fair to say that they do not typically do so. The biggest advantage to having a license is the ease with which you can make deposits and withdrawals.

Game developers have their own live dealer studios. The ones from major suppliers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Betsoft, Evolution Gaming and Playtech are among the best. There are others as well that also offer different variations or unique spins on the classic roulette version.

Look for a casino that offers bonus money or other deals when you play live roulette, as most sites have some sort of welcome package for new players that gives you lots more chances to land some wins. You could also find cashback offers, free games and more, depending on where you play. Often these are deals unique to the live tables.

Variations Of Live Roulette

The rise in popularity of live roulette at online casinos has led to many of the top game developers to bring out their own versions of the game. Players can now find several exotic variations on the standard tables. We confined to only one variation. European and American games remain the most popular.  If you prefer the highest chance of winning avoid American Roulette, due to the lowest odds.

The French version has a ‘racetrack’ betting area and special wagers like La Partage can be made. You could find yourself at multi-wheel tables, or unique games with side bets, ante wagers. There are also roulette games linked to slot machines.

Tables can be shown in a variety of ways in the user interface. Some user interfaces (UI) have two cameras focused on the game. One camera is aimed at the dealer and the other on the roulette wheel and ball. Players can keep their eye on the ball at all times. Some UI’s such as Evolution gaming offers a slow-motion video of the ball landing in the numbered pocket. I enjoy this feature.

The positions where the croupier stands varies from one table to the next. Some roulette versions place the dealer behind the table. Other roulette versions place the dealer on the side of the table. Some variations have the wheel or betting areas in different proportions. The different positions are a matter of preference. Pick whatever version you like the best.

How To Play Live Roulette

Joining an online live roulette table is as easy as playing any other version of the game. When you play other live games such as blackjack, you can not start the game at any given wager. When you play roulette, you do not need to wait. You can be making wagers on the very next spin of the wheel.

Players click on a chip value on a virtual display of the table to place a bet. Once you have the value selected you place it on your desired wager. After a certain amount of time, the dealer will spin the wheel and release the ball. The camera usually zooms in on the wheel or becomes highlighted while the ball drops in the the numbered space.

The types of bets you can place are exactly the same as you would find on any normal roulette table. The play history will often be displayed. This history gives you more information on which numbers have already been played.

Bet limits are usually lower than those at real land-based casinos, where punters are often having to risk $5 or $10 per spin. The online version has low-limit tables where just a few cents or currency equivalent are needed. High rollers still have the option to make big bets as well. Different tables have different limits and it’s often highlighted in the game preview, so players won’t join a table only to find that the stakes are too high or too low for their bankrolls.

What’s It Like To Play?

Live dealer roulette casino games run smoothly and have high-quality graphics. These games have improved due to constantly improving quality of internet connections and the technology now available across mobile networks. The experience of sitting in front of a real roulette table and playing online is slowly becoming the same.

Because players can now access so many games without leaving home, it’s a far more relaxing way to play. Playing online is less expensive as well.

It’s also easier to move from one type of Roulette game to another, without having to find a seat or squeeze in between other players and few bricks and mortar casinos offer you the sort of special bonuses and offers that online sites can provide.

If you haven’t played at live roulette tables then you’re missing out on a hugely popular game. Live dealer games, in general, are the fastest-growing category of games. People are rediscovering the excitement of playing this classic game. It’s a great time to find out what all the fuss is about.