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Who Offers Live Baccarat (Punto Banco) at Online Casinos

First, we will give you a little history on Live Baccarat (Punto Banco). You can track baccarat's long history to over 500 years. It’s only recently that most people have been able to play live baccarat in a real casino setting. Gaming developers brought baccarat to the masses during the last few decades.  Now, you can play from anywhere there is an internet connection. high rollers and novices a like enjoy playing.

In the last few years however, technological advances such as high-speed broadband and mobile smartphones have facilitated the popularity of live dealer casino games at online casinos, where the games are broadcast directly from a studio and hosted by actual croupiers.

Here are our highest rated casinos in your region that offer live baccarat:

Webcams are positioned over the tables to give players a good view of the cards. The dealers themselves and the different areas where they place their chips are also visible via camera feeds. The online version baccarat contains the details of the previous hands that have been dealt. These details of game statistics, history and results are not available at land-based casinos. Players can often chat with each other via a messaging service. Engaging with other players makes this a much more sociable and friendly experience. Which is a huge difference from playing on a software-based version of Baccarat.

Online casinos have invested a lot into live dealer Baccarat games and by using only the best broadcasting equipment, and employing the top croupiers, they can now give players a fantastic new opportunity to play the game in the most realistic setting, without the inconvenience of having to visit an actual casino.

Why Play Live Baccarat Online?

Heading out to real casino sites simply isn’t an option for the majority of people. They can usually only be found in larger towns and cities. It’s something that few can do without a bit of planning, travelling and of course, all the expense that goes with it. Live dealer online casinos take all of this away, allowing gamblers to access a wider range of games. Usually, players engage at lower table limits, eliminating the need to spend a whole evening on the games.

Anyone who just wants to enjoy some rounds for a few minutes can simply log in to their casino account. Next, click to join a table and maybe win some cash in the time it takes to boil a kettle. Those who like to try out different games will be able to play a round or two at any table. Players won’t need to worry about finding a seat at another one, as they can simply click between the various games on offer and join in the action at any time.

Because bricks and mortar casinos are often limited in floor area, they can only fit in a certain number of tables, and players are limited with their choice of games. Live dealer studios don’t need to be in expensive parts of town and they are therefore able to offer a much wider selection of tables.

Thanks to the lower cost involved, they can also usually give players a wider choice of bet sizes and where a real casino may have a $10 minimum stake, live baccarat tables can often be played for just $1. The stakes can often be raised to many thousands of Dollars a hand and high rolling players can find tables to suit just about any budget. High rollers are known to play €5000 or more per wager.

Anyone with nagging doubts about the fairness of software-based Baccarat games should know that fair play is always guaranteed. Any concerns are removed when there’s a real croupier dealing the cards out. This added peace of mind is another advantage that live dealer games have over other versions. Being able to see the action in real time and not having a computer decide what cards to draw is very important to some people and live dealer Baccarat tables use 8-deck shoes, so there’s completely random card selection for the fairest results.

Where To Play Live Baccarat

Reasons go way beyond the convenience. Online casinos often have some special deals that give even more value to their live dealer Baccarat games. At many sites, there are special bonuses for new players who want to access these types of games. They typically double the amount of money that they can use, or give cashbacks on any losses. These bonuses effectively lower the house edge on a game that already has a high “return to player” percentage.

Several of the top casino game developers have their own live dealer studios. This means each software presents their Baccarat tables in a slightly different way. Before signing up to a site, have a check to see if you like the layout of their games, as most offer free previews or thumbnail images. Casinos that use Microgaming, Playtech, Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Realtime Gaming and Extreme Live Gaming are able to offer a wide selection of tables at various limits and in a variety of styles.

Others are available, but these tend to be the main ones, and all of them are independently audited to ensure that the principles of fair play are followed at all times. It can be useful to check out reviews of these casinos, just to make sure that they are reliable, but a sure way to see for yourself if a casino can be trusted is to look for an operating licence.

If the site operates under the terms of a licence from Malta, Alderney, Curacao or the UK Gambling Commission you can be certain that it’s a reliable place to play. You will find secure deposit and withdrawal facilities and a high standard of customer service related to the licences.

How To Play Live Baccarat

The rules of live dealer online Baccarat are much the same as they are with the standard games. It’s fairly simple to learn, there isn’t much that can change from site to site. A few subtle differences can be added, however, with optional side bets available at some tables. These can include unsuited card wagers, perfect pair bets, a bet that only 4 cards will be needed, or that 5 or 6 cards will have to be drawn.

Some tables have no commission on Banker wins. Other tables have progressive jackpot side bets and the popular Egalite option (is a special bet on a Tie). This is where Player and Banker hands match at high values.

It takes seconds to join a live Baccarat table and take up a position at one of the available spots. Depending on the layout, you could move your chips around the screen over the main area of the table. In some cases, bets are placed on a section separated from the table where cards are dealt. In either case, everything is designed to be clear and there is often the option to move between camera angles. The purpose of this is to see the cards being dealt, this could also be done automatically by the casino.

Two cards will be dealt into the Banker position and two into the Player area, with the highest-scoring hand winning. Cards 1 to 9 are given their face values, 10’s and royal cards have no value and Aces are counted as 1. If the cards add up to more than 9, only the rightmost number is counted, so for example, 8 and 6 equals 14 and is counted as a value of 4. The dealer will draw another card for any hand worth 5 or under and stands on 6 or 7.

Payouts vary slightly from game to game. Generally at 1:1, or evens if the Player hand is closer to 9. It’s 0.95:1 for a Banker win and 8:1 if the hands match for a Tie win. The small house edge comes from the Banker taking a 5% commission. This makes Baccarat a game with excellent returns and has ensured its popularity over the years.

The Bottom Line On Live Baccarat

New audiences who couldn’t, or didn’t want to get to a real casino can now enjoy Live Baccarat. Before, players would have to rely on the solitary nature of playing the software-based versions at online casinos worldwide. It’s only recently that technology has caught up with the principles of live dealer Baccarat games. Therefore, players have been able to experience the high definition realism across desktop computers and mobiles.

There are other clear advantages such as the potential to play with bonus money or earn cashback. That is something traditional casinos won’t offer. Players can also enjoy the ability to switch between tables in seconds. Another advantage that would be difficult to do at a real physical site.

Anyone looking for the ideal blend of real games and the convenience of playing from home will appreciate live dealer online Baccarat games. Join the millions of people who have discovered this exciting card game in recent years. We hope you have enjoyed our Baccarat section. If you would like to contact us we would love to hear from you.