Most Popular Live Casino Game Categories

There are thousands upon thousands of games. How do you sort them and find the most popular live casino game? With that in mind we are buckling down and categorizing each one. picking out the gems that you will most likely want to play. The first main category are the live dealer casino games. The most important of which is live roulette, live blackjack, and live baccarat. Why start with these? We like them the most. As a matter of fact we have more experience in live dealer games than most information sites.

You may have noticed that we have categories called "live roulette". Instead of grouping live dealer roulette games in to one category, we decided to make separate games for all versions of roulette. For example, each software platform has many different roulette variations that have a different look and feel. So, we thought to include all of those variations as well.

The same applies for live blackjack as well. You have the classic tables that vary between provider. You also have the many-to-one tables as well. The most popular one is the live blackjack with Early Payout. There are only a handful of those.

There are several factors when it comes to picking and choose good options for you. Some of the characteristics we look for our esthetics and others are functional. For example, we are not going to recommend a beautiful looking live casino game with terrible gameplay. Also, we won't tell you to play a game with perfect gameplay but with unattractive visuals. So, we take many factors into consideration and find the best possible experience for you.

Software providers continually launch new casino games, be it live dealer or RNG styled tables. Which makes us always on the lookout for new products that can satisfies our Betivity community.

Live Casino Games

Live Casino games cover all games with a human dealer or croupier. These are the closets you can get to actually being in a casino. They feature live dealers on tables. Some offer a view of an actual casino with real dealers, and others in a studio dedicated to live games.

Live Roulette

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Live Baccarat

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