Written By: Max Torres
March 15, 2018

ELK Studios Casino Interview with Daniel



We have our first interview with a casino game provider! We have decided to dive into our casino interviews a little further and focus on software providers as well. Our friends at ELK were kind enough to get this started and answer a few of our questions. We have been fans of ELK’s online slots for some time now, and we strongly recommend you check them out. They provide a unique experience in slot gaming which we are sure you’ll see in the future. So without delaying this any further, let us get started!

1. How and why did the company choose “ELK” as the name? What is the concept behind it?

Well, we came up with ELK because it’s short and easy to remember. We have all operations from the Stockholm office, and the name has Nordic associations as well which represents our concept.

2. What slot game would you say is the classic example of what ELK Studios represents?

We obviously love all of our slot games, but if I were to pick the one that best represents ELKS Studios, I would go with Wild Toro. This slot won the award for Game of the Year in 2017, which confirms how great it is. Wild Toro won this award at the EGR Operators Awards.

3. Do you think ELK Studios will look into venturing into other verticals in the online gambling spectrum?

Nothing that we can reveal at this point, but we’re always investigating new opportunities. However, online slots, with a mobile-friendly mentality will always be our primary business. But, as I mentioned before, we are not closing any doors on future opportunities that might present itself.

4. What is your personal favourite slot game from your company? Our favourite is DJ Wild because of the music.

Mine is Route 777 played on mobile with good headphones. I love the speed of that game and the game mechanics, especially the Locked Reels feature. I strongly recommend you try it out and let me know what you think. I am sure you’ll greatly enjoy this slot.

5. Any new plans for 2018 that you can share with our readers?

We’re now launching our brand new Competition Tool. In general, we try to be innovative in the small perspective rather than experiencing with the fundamental parts which make a slot a slot. Instead, we invest time in coming up with new exciting things in game mechanics and gamification.

Our upcoming game will be Lake’s Five, released on April 10th. You can expect a colourful mix of different characters and new wild features, all coming together on five reels. Of course always Mobile First and with a crispy design =)

The End

Thank you so much for the excellent information about your ELK slot games and company. We are intrigued by the Competition Tool you created and would love to learn more about it. It’s great that you are focusing on Gamification for online casino gaming rather than just creating a slot for the heck of it. We recommend our readers to try out Wild Toro so you can see what an award-winning slot game looks like, we are sure you’ll enjoy it. Thanks ELK Studios and talk to you soon.


We leave you with a preview of Lake’s Five, ELK Studios new slot game coming out on April10th, 2018.