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Pago Efectivo is an alternative payment solution that facilitates the payments of products and/or services online, including online gambling sites. It’s available to players in Peru only. They offer two types of services: you can obtain their prepaid VISA card or you can use the CIP (Payment Code) voucher method. With Pago Efectivo you don’t use or need a credit card, debit card, or similar products.

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How do I start using Pago Efectivo?

In order to start using their prepaid VISA card you need to visit their website and click on the button Regístrate. Fill out your personal information and you’ll create an account. This will generate a VISA card and you’ll have to select how to receive it: you either pick it up or they’ll send it to you. After you have your card you can fund it online via your bank, through their app or by visiting any authorized merchant.

How do I use PagoEfectivo as a deposit method in an online casino?

-If you use the prepaid VISA PagoEfectivo card:

Once you are in the cashier page, select VISA (or Credit/Debit Card) to make your deposit. Next, enter your PagoEfectivo card information and the amount you want to transfer. You should receive a confirmation after your deposit is successful.

-If you use the CIP method:

Once you are in the cashier page, select PagoEfectivo to make your deposit. Enter the amount of money that you want to deposit and click Next. You’ll be redirected to a website where you’ll receive your Payment Code voucher. Take the code and make the payment online via your bank or by visiting any authorized merchant. Once the casino receives confirmation of your payment your account will be credited with the corresponding amount.

Why choose PagoEfectivo?

It’s an easy and secure option to use for your deposits. You don’t need to use any sensitive credit/debit card information to use it. You can control how much money you spend and you don’t need to have good credit to use this service. It also offers multiple options for you to fund your card/pay your voucher.

Disadvantages of PagoEfectivo

It’s only available for peruvian players. It’s not instant or fast (compared to other payment options), you need to wait until you have your prepaid card with you or until your payment is confirmed by the casino. Lastly, you’ll have to find an alternative method to withdraw your funds from the casino since you can’t use PagoEfectivo for withdrawals.

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