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If you are looking for Online Casinos accepting Japanese Yen, you've picked the correct spot. Since you got here and are reading this, I will assume you're either Japanese or have a bank account with Yens. So we are happy to say that in this section, you'll learn about the relation between Japanese Yens and Online Casino as well as a list of brands accepting the currency. Japan has gone under the radar for some years but has now developed into an attractive market for virtual casinos out there. More and more brands are looking to provide services for potential players from this country. The Japanese government has not made any bold moves in regards to regulations, so for the time being it all good.

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Japanese Yen


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I am sure you already know, but in case you don’t know, Japan is an island located in East Asia. The country has a population of around 126 million people and uses the Yen as their national currency. The Yen’s symbol is ¥ and is considered one of the top three traded currency around the world. It mostly buys and sells into USD or AUD (due to its proximity to Australia).

We mentioned earlier that the JPY is the third most traded currency in the world. However, the Yen is the most traded in Asia, and that’s taking into account there in the same spectrum of the Chinese Yuan. Therefore, that speaks volumes about how much value there is in this form of the Japanese currency. We can’t really say what common nicknames are since we don’t actually speak the language.

Can I deposit with Japanese Yen at Online Casinos?

We have seen a rise in attention from online casinos in Japan. So, these brands are scrambling around to have Japanese Yen as a currency option to deposit and withdrawal. Betivity currently has some online casinos on our list that accept this currency. Therefore, please make sure you check them out.

Players wanting to deposit JPY in online casinos should take into consideration that there are few options to deposit funds. Ecopayz is one of the main options in the Japanese market which accept ¥. If you are Japanese and have trouble finding a gambling site with those currency options, try to look for a Bitcoin casino. There are much more option to deposit this way versus with JPY.

Remember to create an account at a casino that has already confirmed you’ll be able to use Japanese Yen. Live Chat representatives should provide the information via their website.