Written By: Max Torres
March 8, 2018

Codeta Casino Interview with Bianca

Codeta Casino Interview

It’s time to interview a top live dealer casino in the industry! We are going to talk with Bianca the casino called Codeta. She took the time to answer a few questions regarding their unique concept, live gaming, new additions, favourites games and future surprises. We definitely felt satisfied with the answers provided by Codeta and their upcoming plans. So, its time to dig into those questions, shall we?

1. Could you explain a little bit about how the name Codeta came to be? What is the concept behind the online casino?

The name Codeta is a take on the French phrase coup d’état. We originated in 2015 with the aim of kick-starting a revolution against the current status quo of the online casino industry by focusing on live table games. This is still very much our ethos today, and through our recent re-brand and re-design, we are now giving more power to players than ever before. We are all about honesty, transparency and trust, and delivering a superior experience to our players.

2. With the number of live dealer games you provide, do you aim to be the primary option for players looking into the live dealer niche?

Absolutely. Codeta are the original champion of live casino games, and while other operators have got in on the action in recent months, Codeta offers the widest selection of quality live table games in the market. We understand live casino players better than anyone else, and have tailored our proposition so that it meets their needs. We take player feedback very seriously and use it to tweak our product and customer service offering continually.

3. We noticed Codeta gave the website a new facelift, it looks great! What is the objective behind this move?

The redesign was all about giving more power to the players, and about creating a revolutionary atmosphere. So we changed the way we look – our red, white and green colour scheme has a hint of military about it – and we also added more firepower to our offering with additional features. This includes tournaments and a powerful search tool that makes it much easier for players to find their favourite games. In short, it was all about strengthening our position as the leader in live casino.

4. What is your personal favourite live dealer game and why?

My personal favourite is blackjack. Reason being it has elements of skill to it and knowhow. Also, we have our own Codeta Blackjack table, making it more personal.

5. Any new plans for Codeta in 2018?

One word, improvement! We launched Codeta 2.0 the day before Christmas, so we are now on a new platform/CMS with all the latest technology including much easier for us now to develop various features. This year we intend to start preparing new features for our table games, features we know players are looking for and where the aim is to deliver our brand promise; personal and performance.

The End

Really great information Codeta! Thanks for the valuable information regarding where this brand directs itself. Betivity is a big fan of live casino games, so that makes us a big fan of Codeta. We invite you to read up on their general review, any questions let us know.