Max Torres

Written By: Max Torres
November 8, 2017

CasinoPop has a new slot tournament in November 2017

Betivity has learned that the online casino by the name of CasinoPop is launching a slot tournament. This will be a weekend tournament focusing on online slot games and will be crediting the top 100 places. CasinoPop is focusing on the best streaks made on casino slot games which is a nice and original idea. The tournament will start on November 10th and end on Monday the 13th of November, 2017.

The theme is based on a Spy Story where the players become “spy agents” trying to stop an evil syndicate. The way the tournament works is that the system calculates the 20 best win streaks made during those dates on any slot games (except classic slots). The 20 best win streaks will calculate the total points, so the longer the streak, the more points! They must be real money bets with a minimum of 1€ bet on each one. There is also a minimum of 50 bets per slot game for the tournament points to be calculated. So basically players need to bet 50 euros at least to compete. If there is a tie in the point tally, then the tiebreaker goes to whichever CasinoPop player had the most wagers.

CasinoPop always launches unique tournaments for their players

First place will earn 333 euros, second place 222 euros and third place 111 euros. These are different and unique amounts which make the activity a bit more interesting. The lower ranking in the tournament will receive free spins instead of cash. We will place an image of the prize amounts so you can see the rest of the rewards that will be handed out after the competition closes. Important Note: after speaking with a casino representative, they mentioned the cash prizes are not attached to any wagering requirement.

CasinoPop always tries always to provide cool and different experiences for players. This event does not disappoint with what they usually aim for, so congrats to this online casino. If you would like to read a full review for CasinoPop, please be our guests.Remember, this tournament is on the weekend and starts this Friday, 10th of November!