Irina Petran

Written By: Irina Petran
January 9, 2018

Casino player takes home jackpot from Netent’s online slot


It’s always pleasing to start off the year in a positive way. I am sure that the player identified as “P.F.” from Fantasino Casino will be happy that his 2018 year started off like this. The lucky spin came while playing a Netent online slot game by the name of Divine Fortune. I am sure you are wondering how much did this player win? Well, he took home a sum of 343,935 euros. Let’s tell you more about it.

Divine Fortune is a progressive jackpot game that was created by Netent. The game was created in 2016 and focuses on ancient Greece and all of its mythology. You’ll run into Medusa, Pegasus, the Minotaur, the Nemean Lion and more. To be honest, probably the one I wouldn’t want to run into is Medusa, she is one freaky snake lover. Anyways, as progressive jackpots work, the more players spend money on, the higher and higher the jackpot accumulates. If the stars align for you and your spin is successful in what is required, you get to take home the big prize. So, this is essentially what happened to the Fantasino player who one this remarkable amount. I wonder what he is going to do with all that money?

Fantasino provides other progressive jackpots just like Divine Fortune from Netent

Fantasino is always happy to announce when there is a winner like this. We remember around October of last year that they had another big winner from a slot game as well. This is usually great material to promote the brand and for players to see that they can win big if they are lucky. Apparently, when playing a progressive jackpot, it is mostly luck. The most skill you can use is playing the odds and get the biggest jackpots. You need to know when to play a slot game who has accumulated big pots and start playing.

We leave you with a full review of Fantasino. We hope you enjoy playing in the casino that mainly offers online slots but has a large assortment of live dealer games as well. In conclusion, remember our suggestion is to look for progressive jackpots that have accumulated large pots and start playing them!