Max Torres

Written By: Max Torres
November 21, 2017

Casino Jefe Interview with Joonas!

Casino Jefe Interview

Betivity is happy to get a chance to interview Casino Jefe and their cool theme. Joonas is our special guest for this week; he will gladly help us out with our questions. Casino Jefe is a Mexican styled theme that focuses on high bonuses and extra spins, as well as a decisive X factor.

1. Love the site, could you go into details about the creating of the concept of Casino Jefe?

CasinoJEFE has a bit crazy theme. The main character is a cat, Alfredo. Alfredo likes show wrestling, and he lives somewhere in Mexico. I guess you can say that he is a self-made weird superhero fellow. Casino itself has a few interesting characteristics on top of the peculiar looking mascot. Gamification’s been the thing from the very beginning of planning and designing. It’s still our focus point along the development processes. CasinoJEFE’s free spins bounties, Jackpot Wheel as well as CasinoJEFE levels have been there since the day one. Also, the website’s smooth usability and compatibility with all possible mobile devices have been one of the priorities.

2. Where would you say Casino Jefe focuses most on concerning markets or regions?

We focus on Nordic markets, but we accept players from all over the world. Obviously respecting international as well as local regulations and laws. Norway, Sweden, Finland are the three core countries. Germany, Austria, and Switzerland are also vital countries for us. Now that we’ve got new game providers’ slots to our game selection, we are looking forward to getting players from Canada and New Zealand too.

3. If you had to pick only one, what would you say is the most attractive feature of this casino?

Well, I like everything this casino offers, like easiness to navigate the site. But if I had to choose only one I would say it is the Jackpot Wheel. The major jackpot is 5000€! Real money!

4. If you were a player at Casino Jefe, what promotion would you choose to use yourself?

I would mix it up a bit. All CasinoJEFE players can choose a bonus for the first three deposits. They either select deposit match bonuses or free spins packages. I would pick the 100% deposit match bonus for the very first deposit. For the second and third I would choose extra spins packages. CasinoJEFE is running additional promotions regularly, and I would use Jackpot Wheel promotion every possible time. It’s usually a couple of times per month.

5. Do you have any exciting plans for Casino Jefe in 2018? Anything you are currently working on?

CasinoJEFE will add new games, and I’ve heard that some further improvements to gamification are coming in the near future. That’s all I can say right now, but I will be sure to keep Betivity in the loop when the time comes.

The End

Great information, we are excited to meet Mr. Alfredo at Casino Jefe! I have to be honest here, the cat reminds me of Puss and Boots from Shrek. The Jackpot Wheel also sounds like a must when playing at this online casino. Let’s check this online casino’s full review. Thanks and talk to you sooner than later!