Max Torres

Written By: Max Torres
December 26, 2017

Casino Heroes Interview with Sami


Casino Heroes Interview

We are jumpstarting our interviews again in a big way here at Betivity. We have been waiting to get ahold of Casino Heroes for some time. This avatar casino is full of fun stuff for players to enjoy, especially with their online games and daily missions. We’ll talk about this online casino’s concept, new facelift, their avatars and much more. This will be our final interview of 2017, we hope you enjoy it!

1. Could you tell us about the ideas and concept that are behind Casino Heroes?

Casino Heroes’ backbone is gamification, we love games and entertainment and that’s why our players get to enjoy the best slots, Jackpot Games and Casino Games out there! While doing so, they simultaneously take part in an adventure on our islands, with the mission to restore balance and goodness on the magical Hero Islands, which have been taken over by evil, greedy Bosses.

2. I really like the new facelift given to Casino Heroes, but I also liked the old one. Can you tell us why it was decided to change up the design?

We believe that renewal and innovation are key in any business, while still making our players feel comfortable and familiar. Keeping up with tech changes as well as staying on top of UX and design is a big part of the whole experience of Casino Heroes. We have a unique concept and story to tell our players, and will keep evolving in the name of entertainment!

3. The casino has some interesting avatars to choose from, what is your particular favourite one and why?

I’m a big movie geek myself, so I have a hard time choosing between Lara and Yoda. Lara is obviously inspired by Tomb Raider, and her strength and stamina are qualities that I really admire. Yoda has made me smile ever since I saw the first Star Wars movie back in the 80’s (yikes –I’m old) and he is obviously the closest one can get to be an all knowing, all awesome character, so…

4. I know these topics are essential for any casino, but what do you think is more critical to Casino Heroes: a great customer support, an attractive welcome bonus or top-notch games?

Those three are indeed so important, and I wouldn’t grade them in any way, as they each play a vital role in the whole casino experience. But, by having an engaged, well informed, friendly and happy customer support, that always are available and willing to help with any problems players may have, is essential. By listening to our players we learn a lot, and as a company, we truly value their feedback – the site is after all made for them!

5. Anything new you would like to share as far as plans go for 2018?

Casino Heroes is so excited for the year to come! Our players can expect first-class entertainment, great offers and new adventures they can only dream of… 2018 is going to be an impressive year; we’ll make sure of that.

The End

Great information Sami, this definitely helps us understand what this online casino is all about. I love the gamification applied to the games, and I am sure players like it even more. We can’t wait to see what this Heroes casino brings in 2018. Here is a link to their full review so you can get up to date on everything.