Irina Petran

Written By: Irina Petran
January 24, 2018

Casino Heroes and Betser have some interesting promotions

We have some exciting news from the company which owns two top online casinos. We are talking about Hero Gaming Ltd, which operates Casino Heroes and Betser. These two brands are related, but we can say that each one provides a unique experience. Casino Heroes is considered to be an avatar casino providing daily tasks to complete. Whereas, Betser implements casino games as well as sports betting with their popular Balls and Brains point system. So, why don’t we start explaining whats new with each brand?

Casino Heroes is giving away some free spins between January 23rd, 2018, up until the 26th. You receive 60 free spins if you deposit at least 50 euros or 25 extra turns by depositing 25 euros. Each day they’ll tell you which online slot game it applies to. On the 23rd you receive them for Sakura Fortune, and the 24th is for Ozwin’s Jackpots. On the 25th of January, you can opt to receive the spins on Universal Monsters: The Phantom’s Curse. Last but not least, on the 26th you can play the reward on Planet Fortune.

Casino Heroes is also launching a two-day tournament with a cash pool of 3000 euros. The top positions go all the way up to 100 and will share rewards from 2500 euros. After that, there will be a raffle between those 100 players for 500 euros once the tournament ends.

Casino Heroes and Betser have some unique promotions to end January 2018

Let’s move on to Betser Casino and Sportsbook. If you love watching tennis then why not place a small bet on the Australian Open? If you do make a bet on January 25th, you’ll be covered by 10 euros in case you lose. If your first bet of the day is a loser, then Betser will credit you back. Look at it as a cashback bonus. The other attractive offer from Betser is a money-back feature for football games that end in a 0-0 draw. So, if you made a bet to win an English Premier League game and it finalizes without goals, then you receive a free bet back. Pretty splendid, isn’t it? I repeat, this promo only counts towards the English Premier League. For our US gambling enthusiasts, we are talking about soccer.

We hope you have enjoyed the information we gave you regarding Casino Heroes and Betser. If you have any other questions, please go to our Contact Us page. We regularly upload new articles regarding any news regarding online casinos, gaming softwares, or regulative entities associated with gambling. It is important to mention that Casino Heroes is a UK online casino whereas Betser does not accept activity from there yet.