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mFortune Casino

First Deposit Bonus

First time deposit of 100% up to a max of 100 pounds.

mFortune Casino | First Deposit Bonus

Will mFortune Casino be your favourite Betivity?

This UK online casino called mFortune Casino is ready to give you a welcome bonus based on your 1st deposit. After creating your new account and making a deposit, you are entitled to receive a first deposit bonus of 100% up to £100. So, the way to maximize this offer is by actually depositing the £100 and doubling it right away. As always there are certain conditions to go ahead with the bonus, which is what we'll get into right now.

mFortune Casino's Bonus Notables

The bonus is specifically for new players, meaning if you already have an account and have placed a previous deposit, you are not eligible. The minimum deposit to activate the bonus is only £3, the max is £100. Also, keep in mind that whenever you deposit, the bonus is credited automatically after around 10 minutes. Please make sure to contact their live chat agents if you do not want the bonus, they should manually deactivate it.

This welcome bonus is a bit tricky as mFortune Casino does not truly explain the wagering requirement system. You can at any point ask for a withdrawal after making a few bets. There was a lengthy back and forth between us and the mFortune support team. This should explain the process much better.

Chat Conversation with mFortune Casino regarding the rules of the First Deposit Bonus.


Betivity: What if I don't want the bonus?

mFortune Support: May I ask why you would wish to not receive this bonus?

Betivity: Because I don't want to be tied to wagering requirements.

mFortune Support: We do not have wagering requirements. Deposits you have made and bonus money are combined together and displayed as bonus credit. Any wins you have are placed into cashable credit that you are then eligible to withdraw. Any funds from the cashable credit are always spent to play with first, before bonus credit.

Betivity: Ok so can I give you an example and you tell me if I'm right?

mFortune Support: Of course.

Betivity: I deposit 50 pounds and I receive 50 extra bonus, so I have a total of 100 pounds right? I play for a while and end up winning 200 pounds total and I want to withdraw the winnings. What happens next?

mFortune Support: If you have £200 in your cashable credit and request to withdraw this, we would remove any remaining credit from the £50 which we applied. You would then be left with the remainder of your initial deposit and your pending withdrawal of £200.

Betivity: So you would subtract £50 from my initial deposit and another £50 from the bonus I received. Making it a total withdrawal of £100?

mFortune Support: No, we would only remove the remainder of what we apply.

Betivity: Which would be how much?

mFortune Support: For example, if you deposit £50, and we match it and you have £100 and then, for example, you place a bet of £10 and win £200, this £200 will go into your cashable credit which you can withdraw. If you make this withdrawal, we would remove the remaining £40 credit which is left over from what we applied.

Betivity: Ok that makes sense then, thanks!