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Tuesday VIP Raffle


Joreels Casino | Tuesday VIP Raffle

Will Tuesday VIP Raffle be your favourite Betivity?

We have a newly added raffle promotion from Joreels Casino players. The raffle draws one lucky player every Tuesday and rewards him or her with 400 euros. If you deposit a certain amount of funds during the whole day on a Tuesday, you are entitled to receive a ticket for the draw. There is no limit regarding how many tickets you can acquire from Joreels, so the more you deposit, the more chances you have to win. The Tuesday VIP Raffle has some very attractive details that will surely make you want to receive the cash.

Joreels Casino's Bonus Notables

The offer is valid for deposits made every Tuesday during the 24-hour span. To receive at least one ticket, you need to deposit a minimum of 200 euros. The deposits don't have to be a one time deposit; it can be multiple transfers accumulating to the €200 mark. We are delighted to say that for the winner, there won't be any wagering requirements attached. Also, there is no max winning you can receive, so this means you can actually earn 1 million euros from that raffle prize. The sky is the limit!

Joreels Casino announces the VIP raffle winner the following day (Wednesdays at 3:00 pm CET). The general bonus terms apply to these raffle promotion, for example, only one household is permitted to participate. Joreels Casino has recently implemented new daily bonuses such as bonus spins, cashbacks, and this raffle. Be sure to check our other articles explaining more about each one. If you would like to visit Joreels' main review, please be our guest and check it out.