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Monthly Tournament


Celtic Casino | Monthly Live Dealer Tournament

Will Monthly Tournament be your favourite Betivity?

Tournaments are a big deal these days at online casinos. The issue is that most of them only support online slots and not live dealer games. Since Celtic Casino is a live casino, it makes sense that they would provide a live dealer competition. The tournament is ongoing, set up every month and holds only a few modifications. For example, one month it can only be dedicated to live roulette, other months it can be set up for Live Blackjack, or even have a month involving all live tables.

Celtic Casino's Tournament Notables

The rewards, which vary from highest position to lowest position, have a wagering requirement of 35x. This means that if you end up in the 10th position, you receive a bonus of €200 with a 35x. Meaning you have to wager €7000 to free it. Additionally, the bonus is not automatic, you need to either contact live chat or send an email requesting the prize. You have until the 10th of the following month to request the bonus or else it loses eligibility.

The number of positions that the tournament rewards could be modified. Some months they can reward the top 30 while other months they can go all the way up to the highest 50 players. Winter months tend to bring in more players, so it makes sense to reward a higher amount, summer months everybody is chilling at the beach, so fewer tournament interactions.

You accumulate points by making wagers at the Celtic Casino tables. If you make a bet of 500 euros at the high roller table, you will accumulate 500 tournament points. Same outcome if you wager €10, €20 or whatever amount. The rankings update themselves once a day, usually at midnight. So, all you need to do is check back in the morning and see what position you are currently in.

All in all, this is a great opportunity, especially for players looking for live dealer tournaments. Celtic Casino has done well in this section, since we have seen few brands come out with something similar. If you have any questions or haven't been paid your winnings, let Betivity know and we'll sort it out.