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BetBit Sportsbook and Casino

Cash Back Bonus

Receive a 15% Cashback at end of each month.

BetBit Bitcoin Casino | 15% Monthly Cashback

Will BetBit Sportsbook and Casino be your favourite Betivity?

As a casino player, it's always nice to receive something back for any losses you might have. So we have some good news for you. BetBit Bitcoin Casino has a monthly cash-back that credits your account with 15% of any losses you might have had. For example, if you had a lousy month and lost 1 Bitcoin, BetBit will return 150 mbtc into your account. However, it won't automatically appear in the betting account; you will have to request it. You will need to leave them a message on their ticketing system (found at the bottom right-hand side) or email support.

Another catch is that you must request the bonus on the first day of the following month. This means if you want the cash-back for February, you will need to ask for it on the 1st of March.

BetBit Bitcoin Casino's Bonus Notables

Keep in mind there is a 35x Wagering Requirement attached to this bonus. These conditions tag themselves to the bonus and qualifying deposits made during the month. Therefore, if you receive the 35x, it will be tagged to the amount of the bonus plus anything you deposited.

BetBit does help you out with a couple of things. Firstly, they will let you know how much did you deposit during a particular month. This because, when gambling online, players usually don't keep track of that information. The other support they give you, is that at any point, BetBit will let you know how many wagers are left to complete the requirement.

Remember, BetBit is a Bitcoin Casino that also accepts other cryptocurrencies. So, if you need help with deposits and withdrawals, make sure to contact them for assistance. Here it the full review for this online bitcoin casino, make sure you read up on everything they have to offer. They have added ethereum payments as well for any bonus you want to apply for.