Written By: Cecilia Hopper
March 28, 2018

BetSoft launches new slot called Tiger’s Claw

Tiger's Claw by BetSoft

Betivity has some great news concerning a new slot game released by a software provider. We are talking about Betsoft Gaming and the new casino game Tiger’s Claw. This further increases the Betsoft slots tally even more, which is excellent for casinos working with them. So, in this article, we’ll talk about the specifics of the new slot game as well as some general information from this company dedicated to building casino games.

Tiger’s Claw is a mystical and fantasy themed slot game released this March 2018. Betsoft casinos can provide this game to their players as soon as they make the proper integrations to get it started. Players’ main focus while playing here is obtaining bonus spins to keep playing and playing. There are various opportunities to do so which is a big focus for Betsoft this time around. A very particular feature by Tiger’s Claw is the arrangments of the reel as you’ll see a 3-4-5-4-3 formation. There is also an option to “Double Up” which lets you increase your winnings or lose it with a flip of a coin. We’ll post a trailer for the game, so you have a better idea of what we are talking about.

Tiger’s Claw is the newest slot game by BetSoft Gaming

This new game is friendly to mobile and desktop, just like most of Betsoft’s slot games. There are approximately 190 games in the portfolio and there are no signs of slowing down. One of the principal focuses of this company is to provide exceptional cinematic experiences that accompany the slot gameplay. By doing this, it gives a whole different feeling for players and offers a stronger story to their product. More and more software providers are looking to give their games an experience outside of the actual spins, and Betsoft Gaming is doing great.

A few Betsoft casinos that provide these games are Celtic Casino, Fairway Casino, and DublinBet. Please check out their full review here so you can learn more about them. If you have any questions regarding Tiger’s Claw or anything else, please let us know. Also, we hope you enjoy the trailer for the game we added below.