Max Torres

Written By: Max Torres
March 7, 2018

Are Online Casinos in Canada legal or not?

The question we want to tackle right now has a lot to do with online casinos in Canada and if they are legal or not. I am sure if you are a Canadian resident, and have had the curiosity to gamble online, this is a question that has crossed your mind. And might we add, this is a great question to ask yourself, so let’s start talking about the situation here.

Every country has a set of laws or rules that companies should abide by when offering their services. So the same goes for Canadian online casinos looking to promote their services in the country. The situation with Canada is not as clear as we would like it to be and Betivity knows for a fact that there are virtual casinos accepting players. However, does this make online casinos in Canada legal? Or are they promoting their services illegally?

Online Casinos in Canada are legal, as long as they provide certain conditions for their players

Well, players that gamble at online casinos in Canada are not considered to be doing anything illegal. So, you as a casino gambler have nothing to worry about, nobody is going to confiscate your winnings. Also, online casinos are liable to get in legal trouble if they do anything unethical. As mentioned before, the laws in this North American country are bleak, but there are a few factors to grab. For example, we can grab ahold of what the Canadian Criminal Code mentions, which is that some conditions are allowed for a web-based casino to operate. What we are trying to say is that there are ways around the laws, sort of loopholes, which permit online gambling action.

We have a list of online casinos allowed in Canada if you would like to check it out. Either its Quebec, Toronto, Vancouver or wherever, Canadian casinos should provide French and English languages. There should also be a good selection of deposit and withdrawal methods for Canadian players to use. These payment options are scarce, so the more a casino has, the more Canadian online casino players there will be. If you have any questions or have any suggestions in our article, let us know!