Max Torres

Written By: Max Torres
November 6, 2017

Are actions of the Vegas shooting sending people to Online Casinos?

The actions that took place on October 1st, 2017 in Las Vegas will remain a mystery as to why it happened. Stephen Paddock opened fire at a concert from the window of his room at the Mandalay Bay. The shooter killed a total of 58 people and wounded over 500 in total. Paddock was an avid casino player, frequenting Las Vegas’ casinos on a regular basis. This unfortunate event has caused some intrigue in Betivity’s head, and we’d like to explore this a bit. Lets look at the Vegas shooting a little closer.

Paddock was a 64-year-old living in a town called Mesquite, some miles outside of Las Vegas. He ventured into real estate investments and liked to spend some time in land-based casinos. He was considered to be what you would call a high roller player. High rollers are players who tend to prefer betting in large quantities rather than small bets. It’s usually a “go big or go home” mentality and have the capacity to win significant amounts or lose in the same fashion. Paddock was popular amongst the casinos he frequented, probably because of his VIP status. Considering he was well off regarding financial stability, he didn’t depend on the casino activity in his day to day life. It seemed to be a lifestyle he enjoyed.

News recently broke out that the shooter had fallen into some type of rut playing at these casinos in the recent years. It wasn’t profitable for him, and he seemed to be depressed. He seemed to enjoy a lifestyle of casinos, which many people do. There is a big difference from land-based casinos and online casinos since when you are physically playing at a table or slots, you are really indulging the atmosphere of it all. Online Casinos usually bring a more laid-back scenario since players are playing from the comfort of their home or the place they choose to be.

I have two main questions from this situation. The first one is if  Paddock has given casinos a bad name? Will players feel the need to migrate their activities over to online casinos? Let’s tackle the first question first.

The Las Vegas shooter’s relationship with Casinos

It’s true that Stephen Paddock played at casinos frequently. But, his actions shouldn’t really be associated with casinos. There is no way of knowing if there was some type of inflicting reason from this that made him decide to attack innocent people. It was said he was depressed due to a bad streak over the years, but lousy streaks can happen to everybody and due to countless reasons. Some examples of depression can be getting fired from your job, getting a divorce, ongoing stress, sickness, the loss of a loved one, and many more reasons. So having a negative streak at a casino is an indicator but there were probably many other factors in place for this behaviour.

There seemed to be an issue with the way he probably felt about himself after maintaining a losing streak that long. Nobody likes to lose continuously, its human nature to enjoy winning. If losing streaks persist, there is definitely a possibility that this can cause distress in a person’s well being. Now, we don’t have enough information about how much Paddock actually lost (it was said he gambled about 1 million dollars per year) so we don’t know the severity. But one thing is for sure; a person doesn’t feel too good about themselves after continuous losing. We have information that he played video poker a lot. But we don’t know if he engaged in other slot games, roulette, blackjack, craps or other casino games.

Anything related to a deadly mass shooting will probably be put under the microscope and get a bad name. So casinos are probably going to get some heat as the inflictor of extreme behaviour due to some circumstances. We all know what casinos are all about, they are a business looking to provide entertainment and value to player’s time and money. Casino players can think of it as a service where you gamble your funds with a chance to make some extra money or lose some of it. We basically know “what we signed up for” when heading into a casino.

Will casino players feel the need to migrate their activities over to online casinos because of the Vegas shooting?

This particular situation with the mass shooting and its relation to casinos is an isolated issue. However, this could be an excellent opportunity for players who would prefer not to go to a physical casino and look for something online. Land Based Casino players might not know much about the online option and have curiosity in learning. Especially when they hear about live dealer casinos where you can actually see a real dealer at the roulette table. Or even have an actual live blackjack dealer give you your cards. It’s almost like being at a real brick and mortar casino.

There are certain advantages that online casinos offer versus a land-based casino. The fact that you can play privately in the comfort of your own space is always good. Players don’t have to jump in a car and cross traffic to reach the nearest casino; you can play it on your mobile or desktop. You get to quickly switch games and choose between live dealer games, progressive jackpot slot games or even Keno. Players can select to play with fake money or actual real funds. There is also the option to place limits on your deposits, so you don’t go overboard. If a player has an issue with gambling problems, it’s only a click away; there are many associations out there that will immediately help with gambling urges and keep you in check.

All in all, there is no way to pin this on casinos. Stephen Paddock had some type of happening in his life that convinced him to do what he did. People who knew the shooter were surprised; even his longtime girlfriend didn’t have a clue it was coming. So, not to state the obvious but we wish this never happens again. To conclude, Betivity would like to send prayers to everybody involved in this mess. I would expect that we learn from any mistake made during the process of in the Vegas shooting when another situation arrives.