Max Torres

Written By: Max Torres
February 28, 2018

The 5 Things you NEED to know about UPayCard in Online Casinos

We know how important online payment methods are for online casinos, so we want to provide you with more information. In this section, we’ll give you valuable information regarding UPayCard. We have important content to offer you if you are thinking about using UPayCard in online casinos. Also, we can present you with a list of online gambling brands that accept UPayCard and what the fees are related to the transactions.

1. UPayCard accepts Bitcoin Deposits and Withdrawals.

As we have mentioned before, UPayCard is Bitcoin-friendly which is very beneficial towards online casinos and other crypto businesses. Casino players who look for options can count on this form of payment in the future. The fees associated with deposits and withdrawals are of 1%. Therefore, if you make a transaction of BTC into or out of your UPayCard account, there is a small and reasonable fee. Here is an example, you deposit €1000, there is a fee of €10 (1%), so you will have €990 in your account in the form of BTC.

In addition to Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals, UPayCard accepts deposits via Ethereum. We wonder what other cryptocurrencies are next?


UPayCard accepts Bitcoin transactions

2. The fees are well specified depending on the method of use.

If you head over to their main website, there is a page dedicated to Fees. The specifications are clear and transparent, so new users won’t have any issues moving forward. Some deposit methods have higher fees than other; for example, if you fund your UPayCard account via AstroPay, there is a 5-7% fee. However, if you fund the account through Skrill or Neteller, there is a fee of $0.29 plus 3.8%. There are more than 15 options to deposit but only two ways to withdrawal.

3. You can have a physical card, virtual card or both.

Depending on what use you want to give it, you can choose what type of card you want. For example, the virtual card is only used if you plan on making online purchases. In the online casino world, the UPayCard virtual card is the perfect option since everything is done after a couple of clicks. Keep in mind, you can only use virtual cards if the

The physical cards work if you want to use ATMs or make purchases at physical stores. Please note that the merchant must approve MasterCards since UPayCards hold physical cards under that credit card company. Once you get the card, there is an activation process that’s well explained in their FAQ section.

4. They accept users from various countries, and the UPayCard website is ready.

If you check their homepage, you’ll see a long list of languages. To name a few, we have Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese, German, Japanese and many more. We noticed that it seems to be set up in accordance with the Google Translator system. Meaning that whatever language you end up choosing, the website, Google will translate the content automatically. All in all, the idea to provide every single idiom greatly satisfies customers from all over the globe.

5. UPaycard is well established in Mobile Devices.

Online Casino players who have an account with UPayCard can enter via desktop or mobile. Users can also receive SMS texts every single time there is a deposit into the account. You can also request information like your current account balance or a list of recent transactions. At the moment, there is not an App for Androids or iOS, but you can enter through any browser on your telephone or tablet.


The End


We hope you have learned from what we just shared with you. UPayCard is a relatively new company with tons of potential and very a secure payment procedure. Having Bitcoin and Ethereum is an excellent benefit for UPayCard users and crypto fans across the board. An Online Casino using this method at the moment is Superior Casino. You can find out more about this deposit and withdrawal method by checking out our general review page for them. Any questions, please let Betivity know immediately.